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small bedroom, wooden floor, grey wall, white floating table with drawers, white floating shelves, grey wall, white exposed wall, side table, interesting lighting fixture Por Carol Cantelli

Small Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Rug, White Wall, White Bed Platform With Drawers, Window, White Wooden Side Table
Small Bedroom, Wooden Wainscoting, Cream Wall, Pink Bedding, Wooden Study Table, Wooden Floating Shelves
Small Bedroom, White Patterned Wallpaper, Wooden Floor, Grey Bed Platform, White Cushion, White Table, White Floating Shelves, Grey Polka Dot Round Chair
Small Bedroom, White Wall, Pink Floating Cabinet, White Study Table, Pink Modern Chair, Brown Floor, Pink Bed Plaform
Small Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, White Floating Table With Drawers, White Floating Shelves, Grey Wall, White Exposed Wall, Side Table, Interesting Lighting Fixture
Small Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Light Sage Green, White Metal Bed Platform, Pink Blanket, White Cabinet, White Cupboard
Small Bedroom, Wooden Foor, White Wall, White Bed Platform, Wooden Cabinet, White Modern Chair, Patterned Rug
Small Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Light Green Wall, White Bed Platform With Drawers, White Cabinet, Green Rug, White Green Table Lamp, White Table
Small Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Round Rug, White Wooden Bed Platform, White Shelves, White Wooden Table, White Modern Office Chair
Small Bedroom, White Wallpaper, White Wooden Floating Shelves And Boxes, White Bed Platform With Drawers, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug

Bedrooms are important to always feel comfortable. However, what if the space itself is uncomfortable? What should you do when you have to decorate a small bedroom to be comfortable that you will love having some rest at night and waking up in the morning there? Here below are some ideas you can get some inspirations from when dealing with small space for bedrooms.

Near the Window
This bedrooms shows a really compact space. It puts the bed near the window and leaves space that is filled with patterned rug, side table, and some accessories. Although it is small, it is still warm and fun.

Green White Bedroom
This one here puts an interesting combination with white and green. The rug and the bedding collaborate really well and makes a nice combination to the side cabinet and study table. It is amazing to be able to create such an interesting look with small space.

Small Comfort
This one also puts the bed to the corner near the window and lets the space left takes up what it can. Here is seen some cabinet and some comfortable seating on the floor.

Fresh and Pretty
This one here is some pretty bedroom with the bed, study table, and shelves all connected into one knot. The neutral setting brings the room airy and bright look, and that’s important for a small space.

Simple and Natural
This small bedroom is perfect for a person who needs to study or work a lot at home. The simple bed brings comfort near the study table while the window brings in bright light to the room, making it fresh.

Comfort in Storing
This one here makes sure that the bedroom has all the space to store as much as possible. It is seen in the drawers under the bed, floating boxes and shelves on the wall. The soft neutral look makes the room looks comfortable and warm.

Blushed Room
For those who love pink, decorating a small room to have a hint of pink can be a great option. It will leave the room with pink blush while keeping the room in airy mode, like seen in this one.

Stunning Details
Creating a strong impression in a small bedroom without making it too cramped can be done by choosing furniture with unique traits that will enhance the room a lot. This one here chooses everything so well from the study chair, lighting fixture to the sofa-look bed platform.

Comfortably Small
This bedroom puts traditional accessories on the room and create a comfortable ambiance. With modern accent, the room becomes traditional and modern at the same time.

Prettified Small Space
This small bedroom has become really pretty among the small sized furniture. The details on the wall with white exposed brick brings the room even prettier. This goes along with the pink and pretty chandelier on the ceiling. Even though everything is small and narrow, but the room looks large and airy.

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