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open kitchen, wooden floor, white sloping wall, white ceiling, wooden vaulted ceiling, round wooden table, white chair, wooden stools Decoholic

Open Kitchen, Dark Herringbone Floor Tiles, White Walls, White Vaulted Ceiling, White Kitchen Cabinet And Top, Wooden Stools, Wooden Table, White Chairs, Glass Pendant
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Sloping Wall, White Ceiling, Wooden Vaulted Ceiling, Round Wooden Table, White Chair, Wooden Stools
Kitchens Under Glass Sloping Ceiling, Brown Tiles Floor, Window Glass, Grey Kitchen Cabinet, Wooden Island In The Middle
Cathedral Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Whtie Wall, Balcony, Kitchen, Dining Set, Living Room
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wooden Vaulted Ceiling, White Dining Table, Chairs,
Open Kitchen, White Wooden Vaulted Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Black White Dining Set, White Island, Marbled Stools
Open Kitchen, White Seamless Floor, Silver Industrial Kitchen Cabinet, White Wall, White Wooden Vaulted Ceiling
Open Kitchen, Grey Floor, Vaulted White Ceiling, Wooden Beams, White Wall, White Kitchen Top, Brown Rug, Brown Wooden Dining Set
Open Kitchen, Black Floor, White Wall, White Vaulted Ceiling, White Kitchen, Rattan Stools, Blue Sofa, Rug
Small Open Kitchen With Vaulted Ceiling, White Cabinet, Small Round Table, White Chairs, Pendant, Wooden Hood

Having tall ceiling is a privilege you have. Not every house have that. And because of that, you might want to use the tall ceiling to get the best version of rooms you want to use and show. Below are ten stunningly beautiful open room with kitchens in it under the tall ceiling that you will fall in love with. You might get some inspirations from here too that you want to implement in your space.

Under the Wooden Ceiling
A cathedral ceiling that has very sloping angle can make the room look small and not airy. However, with open room setting, you would be able to maximize the space you need. Seen in this one, the kitchen and dining area are set on the left while the dining area is set across.

Under the Glass Ceiling
Having an open kitchen among glass wall and ceiling would definitely makes the kitchen looks even more open. Seen in this one is spacious kitchen with grey cabinet. In the middle, it is decorated with wooden island that looks lovely.

Under the Vaulted Ceiling
Not as tall as the first one, this one here still looks spacious with its neutral look and vaulted ceiling. The brown dining set looks natural and pronounced among the neutral white wall.

Under White Ceiling
This open kitchen looks fresh and clean with mostly white color. The wall and ceiling are painted white that matches the white island. The wooden floor and marbled stools balance the look perfectly well.

Tall Coastal Ceiling
This one here looks so minimalist with all the white colored furniture. And with the details on the chairs, table, and floor, the coastal vibe is brought up subtly. With this fun and bright look, the spacious kitchen would look brighter.

Vaulted Ceiling with Glass
This one here shows an interesting fresh open kitchen. The black floor might darken the space but with white wall, kitchen, ceiling, and the glass on the ceiling, the room is still bright. The glass on the ceiling lets high level of light comes in.

Glints on Industrial Kitchen
This open kitchen shows an interesting touch. Under the white wooden vaulted ceiling, the silver industrial kitchen cabinet looks pronounced. This makes the open space has some unique accent.

Ceiling Combination
This open kitchen has an interesting ceiling combination with white and brown color and also different height. The white one above the dining area is flat while the brown one above the kitchen is vaulted. This ceiling combination creates and interesting look. Combined with glass windows, the room looks strong and bright.

Open Kitchen, Dining, Living Room
In this open and spacious room, the vibe is so fresh and warm. The simple setting is friendly and the pendants makes the space warmer. The glass wall makes a perfect view for the three purposes here.
open kitchen, wooden floor, white wall, white wooden vaulted ceiling, white dining table, chairs,

Small Tall Space
In this kitchen with tall ceiling, the space is not as spacious as the previous one but it has the same privilege. And under this gran tall ceiling, there are three glass pendant that add elegance to this small space. The white colored kitchen and the little dining set makes the open room look fabulous.

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