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Create A Stylish & Functional Dip with These Ideas of Enclosed Swimming Pools

We often feel too much winter chill when the winter comes and this condition makes us have to take actions how to face it. One of the solutions is by preparing our home in order to be the coziest shelter during that unforgiving season ahead. For you, the swimming fanatics, this chilling condition isn’t good for you. You have to seek an idea how to keep running your hobby without worrying how chill the pool water is. Enclosed swimming pool sounds a great solution how to make your pool at least not as cold as outside. Be sure to choose the best pool design that probably suits for creating a warming atmosphere. Dark enclosed swimming pools, for instance, become quite popular recently. Many people say many thanks to this kin of advantageous swimming pool. So many benefits they provide. Be one who’s curious, here are the ideas of stunning enclosed swimming pools which are going to make you over-shocked and inspired.

Tucan Enclosed Swimming Pool in Black

asymmetrical indoor pool with glass enclosure modern and simple fireplace with white mantel white exterior furniture

High enclosure and fireplace – that’s so awesome. The pool is enclosed by high glass enclosure framed by black trims. At a glance, we’ve found a Tuscan-style indoor pool with modern touch.

Classic Indoor Pool with Dark Wood Enclosure

interior pool with dark hardwood enclosure light beige stones walls white walls pale toned limestone floors
CJS Arch

Dark wood enclosure keeps stunning and warming the space around the pool. This enclosed pool has low-lighted ambiance, adding the warmth in pool and surroundings. Light beige stones installed for walls not only give the warming nuance, but they also offer a beautifully contrast look over the dark ceilings.

Enclosed Pool in Rustic

interior pool with dark natural stones fireplace and walls two grand red chairs a contemporary artwork pale natural stone floors white closet storage
Holzheimer Interiors

Enclosed pool/ interior pool in rustic – It’s beautiful and magical oasis for the homeowner. Here, we’ll find the dark stones that work perfectly for fireplace. As what we’ve seen, this stone fireplace has brought a new elegance to the room. In addition, a couple of grand red chairs and artworks have successfully accented the fireplace, creating a dramatic focal point.

Black-Painted Enclosure for Tropical Pools

tropical interior pool idea black painted pool enclosure with black ceilings and wood beams several tropical theme plants custom pool
Vi Photo Design

Black-painted ceiling and wood beams fully cover the interior pool. This idea can give the ultimate protection from sun’s heat, rainfalls, or even the chilling snows in Winter. Why black? Black is merely the personal color preference. We can use other colors to cover the beams and ceiling.

Modern Interior Pool with Expensive Dark Marble Enclosure

modern interior pool featured with whirl pool and spa pool glass sliding door dark glass mosaic walls

Modern interior pool – the pool’s room is highlighted with elegant dark marble featuring whirlpool and spa pool. This private room is also finished with glass mosaic for the internal part. Look so expensive, right?

Glamour & Trendy Black Enclosed Whirl Pool

trendy and glamour enclosed whirl pool asymmetrical white whirl pool frameless glass door and windows dark ceramic floors dark concrete walls

It’s fantastic as we discover the sparkling lights on whirl pool’s ceilings. It looks like we stare the stars in the night sky. The lights are actually the little ball lights that are connected each other by strings. Frameless glass window and door are also installed as the divider separating the interior whirl and pool. That’s cool, isn’t it?

Black-Mirrored Enclosure for Modern Minimalist Interior Pool with Hot Tub

black & reflective enclosure for private interior pool
KTB Architecture

A modern minimalist interior pool – inspiring corner for relaxing the body and mind, as well as swimming. The black and reflective ceilings that enclose the whole pool offer special attractiveness as they can reflect back the things under the ceilings, including the pool, elegant & gloss black floors, and contemporary interior pillars.

Modern Glass Tiles for Pool

interior pool design transparent glass enclosure a pair of exterior chairs small and round top side table in orange a couple of green chairs concrete paving floors
Holloway Pools

An indoor pool with glass tiles enclosure – It’s a great idea if you want to remodel your old pool into a stylish and contemporary interior pool. The transparent glass enclosure with black trims allows the sun’s heat enter the room where pool and exterior furniture are existed. To reduce the heat effect, the homeowner chooses the concrete paving floors.

Black-Trimmed Pool’s Screen Made of Transparent Glass

glass screened interior pool design pavers flooring idea square shaped interior pool two rattan chairs smaller hot tub
Town Of Tioga

This interior pool’s screen is made of transparent glass and equipped with black-stained metal trims which are quite durable and tough. This screen installation lets the pool’s room gets the sufficient natural lights and heats provided by sun. Besides, it’s also stylish and modern.

Interior Pool with Semi Transparent Enclosure

large interior pool with semi transparent screen square shaped interior pool
Conner Aluminum

Semi-transparent enclosure for large interior pool – It’s not merely the pool’s shading, but also the ceilings that protect everything underneath. The enclosure is built from semi-transparent material which is durable. It protects the room within from the rainfalls, over-heats, and chilling snows.

Asymmetrical Interior Pool with Full-Covered Transparent Enclosure

tropical interior pool supported by transparent enclosure with black aluminum bars paver flooring idea curved pool idea
Schatz Landscape Design

Exposed interior pool is cool idea as everything inside can be viewed from outside. Based on this picture, the designer chooses curves as the shape model of enclosure. Black-stained aluminum is used as the structure that supports every single aluminum bar, so they can stand and complement each other.

Full Glass Pool’s Screen Idea

transitional interior pool with full glass enclosure paver floorings idea
Waterscapes Pools

This interior pool idea makes us possible for enjoying beautiful views around it. With full glass screen supported by firm and black-staining aluminum bars, the views around the pool can be easily accessed by the naked eyes.

Glass Enclosure for Residential Pool

asymmetrical interior pool pale toned paving floors glass enclosure with black aluminum supporters tropical vegetations
Coastal Screen

This residential pool is designed with natural or tropical decorating idea in which we’ll find the numerous tropical vegetation here. Pale pavers floorings, in the other hands, are chosen to give natural and modern touch in room. Next, the enclosure is the transparent glass material with darker layer, so it’s able to reduce the over-heats on summer and protect the room from snows during winter.

Un-ground Pool Cover Built from Glass

small and practical un ground pool enclosure idea made of glass and supported by aluminum
Abri Design Cover

Do you need small and practical enclosure for your exterior swimming pool? This enclosure idea may be your best choice. It’s built from best-quality glass and equipped with curving aluminum that supports each piece of glass covers.

Glass Enclosure for Coastal Interior Pool

contemporary interior pool with glass enclosure square shaped pool smaller and higher pool concrete floors beige toned exterior furniture
Coastal Screen

Say many thanks to this glass pool enclosure since it offers you many benefits. The capability of exposing all things inside the room, or allowing us to enjoy the beautiful view outside the pool is just one of those benefits. That’s why most pool owners today prefer this enclosure model to others.

Aluminum Trellis Enclosure for Pool and Pergola

aluminum trellis for pergola with artificial waterfall small square pergola modern minimalist swimming pool idea
Coastal Screen

Aluminum trellis is often chosen to shade or just as the accessory of Pergola, a smaller pool built in the main pool nearby. As the accessory, many trellis units are designed with waterfall addition, so it can result beautiful artificial waterfall in your pool or Pergola.

Simple and Minimalist Enclosure for Residential Interior Pool

simple and minimalist interior pool with enclosure black ceramic floors white walls white ceiling a chair on corner
Zone Architects

This interior pool is very simple and minimalist, according to its design. The enclosure is finished in white (for ceilings) and black tiles at the walls’ base for the accent. The floors consist of textured black ceramics (to prevent any accidents caused by wet and slippery floors). Single chair on corner here is provided to accommodate a small sitting area in this room.

Enclosed Swimming Pool with Slanted Glass Ceilings

mediterranean style pool with glass sliding roof and walls natural stones flooring idea artificial tropical trees
Superior Plan

An enclosed swimming pool with slanted glass ceilings is a perfect option for summer days. Every single piece of glass is supported by black-stained aluminum trims. With these supporting aluminum trims, the ceilings can be consistently strong even when extreme weathers come in. The enclosure’s walls are glasses which are accented by black aluminum frames. It’s possible for the owner to enjoy the nice view that can be accessed freely through such glass wall systems.

Cedar Enclosure Idea for Interior Pool

spa pool & swimming pool with clear finishing cedar enclosure a set of black furniture light beige walls with frameless glass windows and door
Hueller Construction

This is actually home spa pool but it can be turned into a swim pa that’s flexible for both swimming and spa. The room’s floors are tiles, while the ceilings are clear-finishing cedar. A set of black furniture is set to provide a cozy and stylish sitting area. Then, take a look at the ceilings, we’ll find four units of skylights and a pair of ceiling fan with center lamp which have an important role as the lights providers.

Modern White Pool Enclosure Idea

contemporary pool enclosure idea textured and blue wall frameless glass wall
Revamp NYC

Pool enclosure with the addition of modern touch is presented in this picture. Both design and color choices are designed in modern, and it really suits you who’re dreaming of stylish, simple, and modern pool enclosure. It’s always interesting that the enclosure, especially the ceilings, always result the artistic shadows reflected on the whole parts of room. The walls, in addition, are made in different installations. One side is built with textured and blue, and another side is just the glass wall. It’s so unique and creative, right?

Sliding Glass Enclosure for Private Interior Pool

square interior pool with sliding glass enclosure round shaped spa pool light beige floors
Alka Pool

This pool enclosure is simple but elegant. The roofs are sliding glass and supported by aluminum bars. The ceilings under glass roof are white, so they look so clean from dirt. The pillars and floors are built in similar tone and material, creating harmonious look in room. Here, the room is also supported by the numerous recessed lamps to provide sufficient lights at night.

Dark-Finished Cedar Enclosure with Black Wood-Framed Glass Windows

dark toned cedar enclosure for modern minimalist interior pool natural stone paver flooring idea fulll glass windows with black painted frames
Box Wood

A dreamy large and trendy indoor pool with dark-toned cedar enclosure and glass windows – This enclosure idea has been featured with pavers flooring which is made of natural stones. Such enclosure, of course, is quite recommended for simple, modern, and minimalist interior pool with natural touch as the special addition.

Narrow & Rectangular Pool Enclosed by Concrete Slabs

concrete slabs enclosure for rectangular pool concrete walls for pool room frameless glass windows and door

If you like concrete and want to use it for walls and ceilings of pool, this idea probably becomes one of best options for you. Just keep the original concrete’s hue to create old, shabby, but cool look in your private room.

Inspiring Glass Enclosed Pool with Wood Deck

rectangular interior pool with glass enclosure white cedar wood floors a pair of exterior chairs
Pic Nice Studio

This is so inspiring idea, especially for you who love fully glass-box enclosure for your private pool. Complement it with the natural material use like wood for floors or other parts of pool’s room. If you want to adapt this idea, be sure that you’ve used right proportion of wood and glass to your interior room. Make sure that the chosen wood floors area ‘safe’ for wet area.

Attic-Style Enclosure for Minimalist Interior Pool

attic style enclosure for interior pool with glass window white walls and tile floors
Sona Projects

This is an example of attic-style enclosed pool. This idea exposes narrower and pointed on top like an attic. Attic-shaped glass window here is an accent as well as a functional interior part which provides plenty of sunlight at day. The walls and ceilings are finished with clean white, making the room looks so clean and simple.

White Concrete Enclosed Swimming Pool

modern interior pool with white concrete enclosure tile floorings sliding glass door and large skylight
Edye Architekten

How delightful it is when we have an interior pool like what we’re dreaming on. Like this one; this is an inspiration for contemporary indoor pool remodel with white concrete ceilings and tile floorings. Complement this room with glass sliding door that allows you enjoying beautiful view outside just from your indoor pool.

Pool with Retractable Ceilings

pool enclosure with retractable ceilings rectangular interior pool white tiles floors natural stones and dark toned wood walls glass windows and door
Legacy Development LLC

Well, nowadays there are so many product options of pool enclosure with retractable ceilings. Such products offer many benefits for the owners of interior pools. Why? Such pool enclosures are flexible on opened or closed mode when it’s needed. The products are now available in many variants of material, color, and model.

Pool Enclosure Made of Wood Slabs

rustic interior pool with wood slabs enclosure natural stones walls wood slabs floorings glass sliding door
Vallee De Pratmeur

It’s so lovable – A modern rustic interior pool with wood slabs helps to create warm and cozy nuance in your interior pool. Dark wood beams are obviously exposed to a contrast look for ceilings. Small-size skylight on ceiling is installed to provide sufficient natural lights from outside. Natural stones walls and wood slabs are chosen to add an ultimate rustic or barn-style interior pool.

Modern Glass Pool Enclosure for Rural Home

modern glass pool enclosure for rural home interior pool with natural stone floors dark toned wood slabs for floors a pair of exterior wood furniture sets
Sun Coast Enclosures

A simple but modern glass pool enclosure for a rural home – it’s offering an effective way to keep wildlife, mosquitoes, and debris out. It’s also so stylish in design and durable, so it can be used for years.

Patio with Contemporary Pool Screen

contemporary pool enclosure for patio pale marble floors green pool furniture
DWR Construction

Feel the ultimate comfort level in your patio just by equipping it with such contemporary pool screen. This kind of pool screen provides not only stylish design, but it also gives huge amounts of benefit, like as the protector for all things sheltered by it.

Minimalist Black Pool Enclosure be Featured with Antique Gold-Toned Paving Floors

minimalist glass pool enclosure idea gold toned pavers for floors stone made water fountains luxurious screened pool
Travertine Ware House

Black and gold are fantastic color combination. We can use it for our patio with pool enclosure addition. Pool enclosure with black aluminum bars as the screen’s supporters work well with gold-toned paving floors. Both create a contrast and they fit to collaborate with stones-made exterior accessories.

Simple & Minimalist Patio with Exterior Garden & Screened Pool

transitional patio with glass screened pool wood patio furniture simple modern exterior garden
Burton Homes

Turn your patio into much more stylish and attracting one just by adding several decorative elements like screened pool and mini garden. Both create a fresh exterior view, so you can optimize this spot for enjoying your free times with the lovely family.

Permanent Pool Enclosure for Modern Cottage

contemporary pool with permanent enclosure rectangular pool

This design exposes more the wooden trims and brackets which are specifically applied on the glass windows. Such design is selected to display a contemporary appeal in this modern cottage, especially in interior pool area. Not only that, the arrangements of glass windows let the exterior looks so dramatic and inviting, as if it defies all exterior elements and welcome the nature.

Sunroom-Style Pool Enclosure Idea with Wood Species as the Material

Mid Century pool idea with wood enclosure and sliding glass doors dark grey tiles floors simple rectangular pool white walls
Hammer Architects

This idea uses nature as the main focus of home decorating idea. The designer chooses the natural materials like wood and tiles made of natural stones as the major interior elements. The sliding doors which are dominated by glass and trimmed by wood allow the residents optimally enjoy surroundings, while giving a marvelous and opened-atmosphere.

Farmhouse Pool Enclosure Idea with Wood-Stained Material

farmhouse pool enclosure idea natural stone floors rectangular indoor pool small spa pool wood stained ceiling indoor pool light fixtures
Rill Architects

Like previous idea, this one also shows the natural material use for dominating interior elements. Take a look at the pool enclosure in which the stained woods are the major material. The difference is only on the enclosure’s wall model and the floors. This idea seems focusing on the genuine nature (e.g. the natural stone use for floors), not fabricated materials.

Eclectic Pool Enclosure Idea for Lake House

eclectic pool enclosure for lake house rectangular indoor pool halfway wood siding walls halfway natural stones walls unfinished wood ceilings
JK and Sons

A lake house with eclectic pool enclosure seems to be a great choice for re-decorating your old interior pool. Like this idea, eclectic design is exposed by the use of natural materials with their earthy brown scheme. The woods and stones are in the same color tone and they are used for interior facade, especially for walls. Classic or traditional interior accessories like interior lighting fixtures and furniture are added to give a dramatic and rustic look.

Wood Pool Enclosure with Unique Glass Windows

large and modern pool with huge wood enclosure clean white concrete floors glass windows with irregular shaped glass panels

Such idea of pool enclosure is really unique as it has irregular size of glass window panels. The windows, of course, become the main attractiveness due to its design, and fortunately they’re available to be exposed from both sides: inside and outside. From the inside, for instance, they as if the artistic frames of beautiful views of nature (green and refreshing trees with blue sky as their background). This idea, in the other hands, keeps displaying modern appeals through the chosen interior elements.

Full Skylight Enclosure for Mediterranean Pool

skylight enclosure for Mediterranean interior pool large interior pool white tiles floors
Gibbons Fortman

It’s extremely unique! An interior pool with skylight enclosure is rarely to find and it offers dual benefits: as the decorative ceilings and natural light provider. You can adopt this pool enclosure, especially for you whose Mediterranean interior pool.

Full-Covered Pool Enclosure with Glass and Aluminum Materials

large and full covered pool enclosure made of glass panels and aluminum mid size swimming pool small stones floors

This pool enclosure is quite different to other common glass-paneled pool enclosures. This one has fully covered the pool and is surroundings from the bottom to top. It’s also designed in smooth curve shape on its mid-top. At a glance, it’s so stylish and modern, quite matched if it’s collaborated with a contemporary or modern minimalist pool.

Slanted Ceiling Enclosure for Modern Minimalist Interior Pool

slanted glass pool enclosure idea dark brown tiles floorings white painted walls some decorative plants with their burnt clay pots
Tower Trip

A trendy pool enclosure – it exposes more on slanted glass ceilings which has a function as a stylish and trendy pool enclosure. Based on design, it’s so simple and suits for a modern minimalist interior design. Its large skylight possibly makes the room brighter as the natural lights outside can access the room easily. Dark brown tiles flooring system is also good choice here since it gives a contrasting look in room.

Custom Siding Woods Enclosure Idea for Modern Minimalist Pool

modern minimalist pool enclosure idea with dark toned wood board ceilings stone walls recessed lightings
New House Builder

If you are interesting in modern minimalist interior pool design, this one must be a big attraction for you. This design uses natural stones for walls and dark-toned wood board ceilings as the pool enclosure. These two elements are obviously claimed as the natural materials, but their modern designs give modern appeal for this interior pool.

Transparent Glass Enclosure for Industrial Rectangular Pool

transparent glass enclosure for industrial interior pool red brick walls grey tiles floors rectangular pool several wood benches some fountains

If you’re searching for the best enclosure for your industrial rectangular pool, the transparent glass enclosure probably suits for your choice. This idea gives you the choice of pool enclosure which uses red brick walls and dark grey tiles floors (with black tiles lines for framing the pool).

Curved Pool Enclosure with Beautiful Beams

curved pool enclosure with beams white tiles flooring system glass windows
CCD Architects

This is a nice interior pool design, especially the beams. They hypnotize everyone! Such condition possibly happens if we build a curved pool enclosure with glass panel addition. These panels, then, give the natural lights an access for spreading their warming and brightening lighting, while several recessed lighting fixtures here are just the electric-based lighting for providing sufficient lighting at night.

Pool Enclosure with Big Logs at Ceilings

pool enclosure with big logs white ceillings concrete walls concrete floors black wrought iron chairs glass windows and doors with wood trims
Choice Jersey

Show the logs off for creating much more natural and dramatic look in your interior pool. Combine them with contrasting white ceilings in order to produce a clean and attractive pool enclosure. You may add concrete walls and floors that create a balance (warmth by the woods and cold by the concrete).

Wood-Covered Pool Enclosure

farmhouse styled pool enclosure with beams and mosaic tiles walls pale beige tiles flooring simple rectangular pool
Prime Oak

A beautiful pool with beams that strongly support the pool enclosure – Overall, this pool enclosure idea is very interesting since we find more than one materials used here. The beams look so stunning after they have been collaborated with clean white ceilings. Then, mosaic tiles walls successfully grab people’s interest.

Glowing Blue Enclosure for Luxurious Pool

clear glass pool enclosure with glowing blue and low lighted yellow lighting fixtures
Wellen Construction

Glow in the dark – perhaps it’s the best words expressing this pool enclosure idea. This enclosure is constructed from clear glass panels and supported by aluminum beams. Amazingly, this pool accessory has been equipped with glowing blue lighting fixtures in some beams’ spots, so the room will be blue-lighted one; but not the end of building. It looks warmer as it is lighted by low-lighted lamps, creating a cozy nuance with the warmer atmosphere.

Unique Pool Enclosure with Skylights

modern interior pool with skylights enclosure clean white walls glass windows vivid plants mid size rectangular pool
Van Dusen Architects

Skylight addition becomes one of home design trends loved by most people recently and it’s often used for several parts of building, including the pool enclosure. And this one is much more unique as the enclosure not only has more than skylights. White is chosen as the primary tone here and the owner adds some vivid plants as a mini conservatory.

White Concrete Enclosure Idea for Private Pool

white concrete pool enclosure idea with one side opened wall small size hot tub

A private pool with hot tub addition – This pool is supported by white concrete enclosure that permanently covers the whole parts of pool and the area around. One of wall’s sides is opened area, allowing the refreshing breeze comes and outs.

Pitched-Roof Pool Enclosure Idea

pitched roof pool enclosure made of concrete clear glass windows and door with black finished wood trims

Such kind of enclosure design is commonly called pitched-roof pool enclosure. This is built from concrete. White, then, is used for giving clean and neutral look to the roof. The walls, in other sides, are clear glass accented by several units of wood-boards and black-finished wood trims.

Barn-Style Pool Enclosure Design

barn style pool enclosure with exposed beams and white ceilings
Huger Ford Design

Make sure that you’ve selected the right screen or enclosure for your barn interior pool. One of recommended enclosure ideas is barn-style pool enclosures. The idea exposes more the beams that support the roof weight, and these beams can obviously be interesting accents for the ceilings. Use the similar wood species for the doors to add natural touch in room.