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entrance, pink door, white wall, blue velvet sofa, wooden floor, side pot Domino

Entrance, Blue Door, Half Top With Glass, White Wainscoting, Blue Flowery Wallpaper, Blue Patterned Floor, Blue Bench
Entrance, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Blue Wooden Door, Blue Pendant, Light Blue Tufted Bench
Entrance, Patterned Floor, White Wall, Green Door, Colorful Glass, Green Console Table
Entrance, Pink Door, White Wall, Blue Velvet Sofa, Wooden Floor, Side Pot
Entrance, White Floor, Whitewall, Yellow Door, Black Floating Cabinet
Entrance, White Shiplank Wall, Blue Wooden Door, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet, White Framed Round Mirror, White Blue Floor Lamp, Blue Ironed Pendant
Yellow Wooden Door, Glass Half Top Door, White Shiplanks
Entrance, Patterned Floor, White Wall, Blue Doors, Colorful Glass, White Console Table, Round Mirror
Entrance, White Wooden Wall, Blue Wooden Door With Round Top And Glass, Wooden Floor, White Blue Chair, Blue Striped Rug
Entrance, White Curvy Door Framed, White Green Wallpaper

Summer look may not be in trend anymore in the Europe. But for Australian, summer is coming. And decorating the house to make it look fun is understandable. The colorful frame or decoration would prettify the space beautifully. The bright light and or large window would enhance the cheerful and energizing look to the entrance.

Pink Entrance
This entrance makes a sweet and cheerful look with the combination of pink door and the white wall. The blue velvet sofa makes a nice touch to the entrance. The wooden floor makes a nice and warm welcome in this entrance. The glass details on the door is interesting and making the space looks even more alive.

Round Blue
This entrance makes an interesting look with blue wooden door that gives glass details on the round top. This has made the space looks soft and comfortable. This is completed with the white blue chairs and striped rug on the floor.

Navy Entrance
Navy or coastal look is a great look in the summer. This one here has cheerful and neutral white shiplanks on the wall and completes the look with blue wooden door and blue striped rug.

Soft Blue
If you love soft entrance for summer, you would like the white and light blue combination seen in the wall and door. Completed with blue iron pendant and bench, the entrance looks completely adorable.

Yellow Half
This yellow door makes an interesting and fun entrance behind this door. The glass top door makes the room looks bright and large. This yellow makes just a perfect look with flowery plants outside.

Flowery Entrance
This entrance shows a sweet and fun look with the flowery wallpaper and white wainscoting wall. The blue door makes the entrance just perfect. Putting it in two, the glass top makes the room really bright and amazing while the bottom half enhance the blue look. This is all perfected by the blue patterned floor.

Bright White
This bright entrance makes a dramatic and beautiful look with pretty curve on top and glass along the door. Completed with leaves wallpaper, the entrance looks stunning.

Colorful Glass
This entrance looks stunning and bright with light blue door and colorful stained glass. With colorful glass, the sunlight gives an beautiful and interesting shadow along the aisle. The patterned floor makes the entrance an even more interesting setting.

Warm Entrance
Similar to the previous one, this entrance also has atterned floor that makes the set looks warm. The green door has neutral ambiance but with the colorful stained glass, the entrance looks incredible.

Yellow Spot
This entrance makes an incredible look with its monochrome setting and yellow door. With monochrome setting, the yellow touch looks even more pronounced and incredible. The black floating cabinet is narrow and small and makes a perfect addition to the small and narrow entrance. It is a perfect setting for you who have narrow entrance but want to make it interesting.

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