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mediterranean summer kitchen with brown tiles, earthy color palette of brown, wooden chairs, wooden couches, arch walls Toni Sims Design Studio

Summer Kitchen With Mexico Tiles, Brown Wooden Bar And Counter, Wooden Chairs In Bar, Wooden Ceiling
Mediterranean Summer Kitchen With Brown Tiles, Earthy Color Palette Of Brown, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Couches, Arch Walls
Simple Summer Kitchen With Brown Flooring, Brown Countertop, Grey Counter, Barbeque Grill, Cooker Hood
Modern Summer Kitchen Near The Patio With Black Counter Top, Black And White Color Palette
Mediterranean Summer Kitchen With Mexico Tiles In Dining Table, Brown Tiles In Counter And Top, Brown Earthy Walls
Balcony Summer Kitchen With Fisch Scale Window, Brown Tiles, Brown Stines Under The Sinks, Cooker Hood On Top Of Barbeque Grill
Tropical Summer Kitchen With Yellow Wall, Ceilig Fans, Colorful Tiles And Colorful Chair
Summer Kitchen In Patio With Warm Flooring And Ceiling, Barbeque Grill, Yellow Brown Stones Under The Counter, Black Counter Top
Summer Kitchen With Grey Stones Counter With Black Polished Marble Top And Barbeque Grill
Summer Kitchen With Wooden Flooring, Wooden Beam Ceiling, Arch Walls, White Kitchen Islands With Brown Top, White Counter With Black Top, White Big Cooker Hood

Summer is coming! And before it is really coming knocking in your door, you would like to prepare everything so that when it comes, you can only enjoy it to the fullest with your family and friends that you can invite to come over having barbecue, party, dinner, or lunch. And for that, you will love to forget all the inconvenience of bringing food to the yard from kitchen all the time. Well, why don’t you just bring the kitchen outside? It can be practical and beautiful at the same time.

Summer Kitchen with Mexican Tiles

When you bring your kitchen outside, you can still have the ceiling up above you or not. However, with ceiling above you, you will be protected from the heat right to your head. But you will still be able to have the fresh air. To beautify your outdoor kitchen, you can do it by having Mexican tiles cover the kitchen and the bar. It brings the summer air more.

Practical Summer Kitchen

If you want to have a really fine summer kitchen, you will perhaps want to complete all the tools to make summer foods, like barbecue or hot dogs. You can put them all in line to make the space tidy and when you need to use them, you will feel too crowded working in your kitchen. And remember, you will probably like to put them near the air so that you will not feel the heat too much.

summer kitchen in patio with warm flooring and ceiling, barbeque grill, yellow brown stones under the counter, black counter top

Collinas Design & Construction

Summer Kitchen with Cooker Hood

Even though summer kitchen is al fresco, it doesn’t mean it will not feel hot at all. For you who will have a really hot summer, it’s best to have cooker hood on top of your barbecue cooker so that you will be heat free.

Summer Kitchen on Balcony

If you want something different, or if you only have limited space in your home, you can try having summer kitchen in the balcony to avoid all the heat in the kitchen when summer comes.

balcony summer kitchen with fisch scale window, brown tiles, brown stines under the sinks, cooker hood on top of barbeque grill

Collinas Design & Construction

Summer Kitchen in the Second Floor

Having summer kitchen not in the ground can also be done in the second floor, near your sun room, or any large room with large window. With that, you can persuade the heat from the cooking outside to the sky.

Cooling Polished Black Top Summer Kitchen

With polished marble top kitchen you can persuade some cool in the kitchen from the kitchen counter top. And having it so near with the patio makes it so much easier to serve the food to your guest.

summer kitchen with grey stones counter with black polished marble top and barbeque grill

Acassa Construction Coorporation

Kitchen Open to Patio

If you don’t quite agree with the idea of having kitchen in outside because you are worried about all your utensils, well you can try having your summer kitchen inside but make sure you have a really wide air circulation that if you open it, you feel like you are outside.

Small Kitchen Outside

In the summer, you might not really want to cook something so fancy. It is enough to have something to eat fresh without doing so much. If that’s the case, you can try having small kitchen and put the dining set table outside too so that everyone can eat together in the fresh shy wind.

Inside Summer Kitchen

This is another idea for you who feel more comfortable having your kitchen under the roof. With its wooden beaming ceiling, it feels more rustic and light. The arch wall functions as the door to start the house. But it also gives the air the chance to circulate the room.

Summer Kitchen near the Pool

With having the kitchen near the pool, you give the chance yourself to cool off more. Having your kitchen in the patio will bring much more cheerfulness. The arch walls give the airy yet still some room to your kitchen.

Tropical Summer in Your Kitchen

This one is really a cheerful idea. With bright colors, it brings the summer feeling . And the fans in the ceiling will help you to cool off.

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