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balcony, white floor, white wall, green swing, rattan chairs, table with colorful clothe, plants, rattan pots, pillows Muito Chique

Porch, Blue Wooden Floor, White Exposed Brick Wall, White Wooden Screen, Blue Wooden Swing Bench, White Wooden Round Table, Wooden Chair, Pillows
Porch, White Wooden Floor, White Wooden Fence, Blue Ottoman, White Swing
Patio, White Floor, White Exposed Brick Wall, White Sofa, Wooden Chairs, White Cushion, Bamboo Coffee Table With Glass Top
Balcony, White Floor, White Wall, Green Swing, Rattan Chairs, Table With Colorful Clothe, Plants, Rattan Pots, Pillows
Porch, White Patterned Flor Tiles, White Plank Wall, White Rattan Bench, Wooden Coffee Table, Blue Wooden Chair, Hanging Plants On Pots, Curtain
Patio, Wooden Floor, Built In White Corner Benh, White Wall, Pillows, Wooden Ceiling, Beams, Rattan Chair, Blue Rug
Balcony, Wooden Floor, Grey Fence, See Through Screen, White Curtain, Wooden Bench With White Cushion, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Table
Patio, Cemented Floor, Rattan Chairs, White Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Rug
Porch, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Fence, White Metal Bar Bench, Black Side Table, Rattan Woven Rug
Porch, Wooden Floor, White Coffee Table, Grey Plank Wall, White Rattan Swing, White Wooden Bench, Rattan Chair, White Wooden Fence

Decorating your house according to the season can be fun. It allows you to embrace the season and everything the nature brings too. Thus, decorating your house in seasonal vibe can brings out even more the ambiance. Nowadays, the people who live in the north of the horizon experience summer. And it is time to embrace summer in the house as well as in the patio. Decorating patio in the summer is significant because in the summer, you would want to spend your day outside more than inside. Here below are ten interesting and fun patio for the summer.

Under the Wood
If you have some are in the veranda that you would love to turn more Summery, you will love this one. This simple yet beautiful veranda creates the Summer vibe with the wooden floor and ceiling and puts natural material between them. The rattan chairs, small round wooden table, and the rattan pendants create a fun and cheerful ambiance.

On the Porch
This porch has a beautiful setting with white thin metal bench and rattan rug. This sweet and romantic look is perfect to watch over the sky at summer. At night, this would be a perfect place to date and enjoy the night.

Swing on the Porch
Similar to the previous one, this one also shows things you can do to your porch. While the previous one sets a romantic setting, this one sets a place to lay back and lazy around. This is a perfect place for you who love to read and have a great nap.

Fresh Outdoor
This one is a setting fresh in the open. It is perfect for days without rain and snow to spend with your friends and some drinks in hand. Completed with rattan chairs, this setting looks fun and cheerful. The striped patterns cover for the coffee table is a smart move to change the theme into summer.

Fresh in the Balcony
Balcony can bring you a good memory of summer. It allows you to breathe the fresh air and sometimes, feel the warmth of sunlight too, if your balcony provide it. This one here brings wooden furniture to liven up summer vibe. And to tone down the heat, some screens are added along with curtain.

Blue White Stripe
This porch leaves an incredibly strong impression with its white and blue palette in the chairs, bench, swing, coffee table, and even in the rug. The matching combination looks so fresh and fun.

Colorful Summer
In this balcony, the summer vibe is seen in the colorful setting of the area. And not only that, it is also added with rattan chairs and swings near by. The plants all over the area brings out summer ambiance even stronger.

Fun Blue Porch
Similar to the previous summer porch, this one also brings blue in. The blue wooden floor and the swing bench brings out the fun and energetic aura the summer gives.

Breezy Porch
This porch looks so fresh and breezy. It looks that way because of the light and white curtain on the back. It is also strengthened by the fresh plants hung from the ceiling as well as on the pots on the floor.

Fresh And Clean
If you love fresh and clean look, you will love this one here that accentuates the white color in the sofa and cushion and brings fresh look with the plants.

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