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patio, stone floor, white sofa and chair with orange cushion, patterned pillows, white coffee table, blue rug, white side table Pinterest

Colorful Reused Wheel With Colorful Cushion And Plants On The Patio
Patio, Brown Floor Tiles, Open Brick, Wooden Table, Green Chairs, Rattan Hanging Pots
Patio, Colorful Patterned Rug, Purple Rattan Bench With Colorful Pattern, Purple Rattan Chair, Purple Rattan Tables With Glass Top, Orange Wooden Slab
Patio, Stone Floor, White Sofa And Chair With Orange Cushion, Patterned Pillows, White Coffee Table, Blue Rug, White Side Table
Patio, Wooden Floor, Wooden Coffee Table With Blue Cushion, Dark Rattan Chair, Pink Yellow Side Table,
Patio, Round Stone, Colorful Patterned Rug, White Blanket Seating, Round Coffee Table
Gazebo, Wooden Floor, Patterned Grey Rug, Dark Brown Sofa, Colorful Pillows, Fairy Lamps, Golden Chair, Blue Rattan Side Table
Patio, Wooden Floor, Wooden Rail, Wooden Table, Rattan Chairs, Rattan Side Table, Rattan Basket, Blue Patterned Rug
Patio, Green Blue Rug, Dark Brown Rattan Sofa, Dark Blue Cushion, Blue Yellow Pillows, Pendant, Yellow Pillo

Patio can be really important when it comes to social gathering especially in summer. In summer holiday, it is so hard not to get excited and plan social gathering. And for that, a fun and comfortable ambiance is necessary to boost the summer feeling. In the summer, you might want to enjoy your day under the sun among the fresh air. These below are ten fun and cheerful patio that would make your summer feel even more fun.

Picnic Feeling
Summer is the perfect time to go out on picnic and enjoy the sun. Surrounded by patterns and flowers would make your picnic feels better. And if you can bring in the picnic around the house in more private area, you can put some patterned rug and add flowers and rattan basket to support the look.

Calming Dining Out
Another thing that can help you boost your summer feeling is by making some dining out together with your family. You can put out your dining table and decorate it with patterned rug and hanging plants to make a nice calming merriment.

Bohemian Summer
Adding some colors in the attempt to get the best summer feeling is an easy trick. Using patterned colored rugs can help your place to look exotic and fun. Balanced with white seating and umbrella, this patio makes the patterns look more pronounced.

Orange Summer
This orange seating looks so fresh and fun with orange base color. Combined with white orange patterned chairs and pillows, the fresh look is even stronger. The white coffee table and blue rug give an interesting touch.

Colorful Pillows
The usual neutral or dark setting can also be decorated with colorful look by adding some vibrant pillows to add cheerful note. Patterns and colors definitely help to make thins so summer-y.

Colorful Wooden Lounge Chair
Not only adding it on the pillows, this one here empower the summer look by adding colorful wooden lounge chair that looks so vibrant and energizing. It is perfect for sunbathing with your friends while having drinks and some conversations. Pinterest

Dark Vibrancy
While the previous one shows a bright colors on the patio for summer, this one here shows a darker version with the vibrant colors. The purple rattan chairs and coffee table looks so charming, combined with colorful patterned cushion and rug.

Vibrant Patio
This patio shows the summer pride by adding pink, yellow, and blue colors to the sight. The shocking pink rug and pink yellow ottoman look strong and pretty there.

Fresh Blue Yellow
Yellow is lways a great color to infuse fun and energy. And it goes perfectly well with summer vibe. This yellow looks strong among its surrounding. It is accompanied with dark blue and brown in the sofa and blue green on the rug.

Colorful Wheel
This one here is an interesting idea in completing the summer. This reused wheels are painted and given cushion in the middle to become comfortable. Or, being given some soil and flowers to be the attractive pots.

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