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a circle sun room with large windows circled the room, plants curtain, lamp, wooden foldable chairs Northwest IDX

Small Sunroom With Wooden Floor, Tiles, White Chair, Stainless Steel Small Round Table, White Flowery Curtain
Sun Room With Pink Chair, White Chairs With Pink Cushioin, Grey Tiles, Lavender Flowers, Clear Glass Lamp
Sun Room With Grey Floor, Brown Wooden Wall And Ceiling, Brown Bricks Wall, Red Rug, Green Rattan Chair, Brown Rattan Sofa With Ratta Coffee Table
A Circle Sun Room With Large Windows Circled The Room, Plants Curtain, Lamp, Wooden Foldable Chairs
Sun Room With White Wooden Floor And Wall, White Curtain, Rattan Chairs With White Cushion
Small Sun Room With Wooden Floor, Wooden Bench With White Cushion, White Walls And Ceiling, Windows From Three Sides
Small Sunroom With Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Striped Rug, Rattan Chairs, Wooden Sofa, Grey Walls, Plants, Rattan Lamp
Long Small Sunroom With Rattan Sofa, Chairs, Storages, Plants, Lamps, Candles
Small Sunroom With White Wooden Walls, Small White Wooden Bench, White Wooden Shelves, Plants
Small Sunroom With Grey Rug, White Wooden Wall, Large Windows, Rattan Globe Chair With Grey Cushion, Wooden Table With Two Black Chairs

A room with large glass windows and great ventilation is what we need to enjoy the season, especially those who live in a country with four season. Each season brings its own characteristics and it’s always beautiful to be able to witness how the natural look changes and presents themselves in front of us. The best thing about sun room is that you don’t need a big space to create a sun room. Although many people have large fancy sun room, with small space, it can be taken care of. Here below are some ideas how to create comfortable and beautiful small sun room.


Lovely Curtain

In this picture below, you can see that the sun room is actually really small. However, it looks really comfortable with beautiful rattan chairs with white cushion, clear chandelier, white wooden flooring and wall, and lovely curtains that let you control the lights. It’s a great place to enjoy the sun.


Small Cozy Room

This one is another small comfortable room where you can enjoy the outside view while having a cup of tea. Even though the room is small and the windows are not the largest but the sun shine are enough and the beautiful curtain is a match for the ambiance.


Masculine Sun Room

If you love to have something minimalist, simple, and gives out more masculine energy, you can decorate your sun room in simple furniture and in grey or black colors like this one here below.


Feminine Touch 

While the previous one presents simple and more masculine energy, this one here enunciates more feminine energy as you can see on the pink couch, and a bush of flowers on the corner. Even though it’s small and simple, it’s still look pretty.


Colorful Sun Room

This one is quite a merry sun room with many things inside in many different colors. You can see the red rug, green rattan chair, and brown rattan chair and ottoman, and also some plants. You can see that this room is really cheerful and comfortable, perfect for those who have the character.


Fun Yet Simple

Now, what we have here shows how warm and fun it is with its rattan and wooden chairs and sofa. The rug also shows the warmth by put layered. However, as there are so many exotic material, it’s all fun and warm here.


Small Corner

As small as this space is, it is still a sun room with the large windows. And, even though it’s small, it’s still comfortable with the simplicity of short wooden bench.


Bright Sun Room

Of course, as a sun room, the room will be bright. But, not only because of the sun light, a room can be bright because of the decoration inside. And in the picture below, though it’s quite a simple bench with cushion, bunch of pillows have brightened the ambiance. And with the windows from three sides, it’s as bright as it can be.


Comfortable Area

Besides being a place to enjoy the sun, a sun room can easily be the place where you meet your friends and family. And that means you need to make it comfortable to some people. If your sun room is really small, you can put small and long sofa inside. Or, if the room can maintain it, you can put other chairs too.


Circle Sun Room

This one is one perfect sun room where all the windows surrounds the room. The other best thing about this room is that the idea of having plants as the curtains to the sun light. The plants are alive well, and the room are well lighted.

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