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contemporary bathroomm with glass window wall. grey flooring, wooden floor on dry part, grey stone on shower and sunken tub MGC Arquitecture

Large Bathroom With Brown Nuance, Brown Floor, Brown Marble Wall, Brown Wooden Floor In Shower Part, Brown Wooden Cabinet, White Lowered Tub With White Stones On Two Sides
Bathroom With Grey Flooring, Stones Wall In The Shower Area, Wooden Cabinet With Marble Top
Bathroom With Grey Marble Floor, White Wall, Two White Sinks, Two Mirrors, One Lowered Bathtub
Small Contemporary With Brown Nudish Colored Floor, Light Brown Wooden Cabinet With Grey Stone Top, Mirror, Grey Square Sunken Tub With Green Marble Wall
Bahtroom With Wooden Floor, Grey Wooden Cabinet With White Marble Top, White Toilet, Sunken Bathtub In Wet Area With Wooden Wall
Contemporary Bathroom With Wooden Pattern Marble Floor, Teal Colored Wall, White Wall, Large Mirror Near Marble Table, Round White Sunken Tub
Rustic Bathroom With Nude Marble Floor, White Marble Wall, Brown Wooden Cabinet With Brown Wooden Top And White Sink, Round Sunken Tab Near Glass Window
Contemporary Bathroomm With Glass Window Wall. Grey Flooring, Wooden Floor On Dry Part, Grey Stone On Shower And Sunken Tub
Long Bathroom With Grey Linoleum Flooring, Some Part Wooden Floor With Sunken White Bathtub Near The Glass Sliding Door
Large Bathroom With Square Stage In The Middle With Sunken Bathtub Rounded With Four Coloumns, Dark Wooden Cabinet On One Side

SPA Bathtub has been on the trend this whole year. The beauty of it has been a stress reliever for so many people. And just there are so many kind of bathtub so beautiful out there, one of the kinds that has been intriguing is the one that is placed sunken in the floor. Enjoying your time on that eye level can be really interesting. And you don’t need additional tools to keep your wine in your reach.

Sunken Bathtub in Small Wooden Side

In this medium sized bathroom, it is not unusual to place bathtub because it still fits anyway. This way, you can have both bathtub and shower. And one might worry to make the bathroom seems cramped. Well, having it placed sunken to the floor can help




Simple Lowered Bathtub 

This one here in the picture is also placed in a quite small space. And to give it even wider effect, the bathtub’s edge is not seen. Rather, it’s made as one with the flooring. The wall and sinks are not so much different in color that saves clutter in the sight.


Beautiful Space with Hollowed Shower Space

Of course, sunken bathtub doesn’t mean to always save space. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of beauty that you want to achieve. Forget about simplicity if you can go overboard just like this one here.



Green Shimmers

This is again for those who want to make all space to maximum usage. So, you have small bathroom. With sunken tub, you can get both the tub and shower that the water will drain easier. And, with large glass window, you can bring your space even wider.


White Stones Accent

Sometimes, when all need to do is making things simple and not cluttered, you just want to put the sunken tub as it is. However, it is shown here that a little bit of accessories doesn’t hurt. With white river stones placed along the wall near the tub and on the other side too, it looks so natural. It actually makes the bathroom look so sweet.


Under Slanted Roof

The use of the room under a slanted roof can gives the particular room unique effect just like here in the picture. To give wider effect, a large mirror is place in one of the corner. The designer has also avoid putting cabinet. They might want to avoid something bulky inside. We can see it also from the placement of the tub. One might think shower faucet is enough but of course tub can be really a treat. And  once you place it lowered, it is not bulky at all.


High on Stage

If you want to decorate your bathroom with something luxurious, this can be a great sample as the luxurious SPA tub has been placed highly even though it is sunken. It ensures anyone going in the bathtub to have the area where they can put magazines, phone, or a glass of wine.


A Low View

One of the reasons to have lowered tub is so that you can see everything in lower level as well as save the space. Well, one best thing you can do is placing your sunken tub near a great glass window or sliding door where you can see the view while you’re on the tub.


Around the Natural Beauty

This one here is really beautiful. With square lowered tub made of stones, it is placed near the window where you can see the natural view of tall trees. With wooden floor on the dry area, this on is so perfect for those who love serene natural calm.


Soft Brown Light

This one is unusually pretty. With soft light shimmered from the brown nude flooring, wall, and even cabinet, the white part of the wall has only needed to radiate all the effect especially when the sun shine comes through the window. With sunken tub placed even lower than the window, it gives you privacy especially when you don’t really feel comfortable in open area.

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