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sunroom with amazing glass ceiling, wall, nude tiles, nude wooden dining set, ceiling fan Pinterest

Sunroom With Round Shape, Orange Tiles Floor, Beige Wall, Dark Brown Framed Windows And Ceiling, Doom Ceiling, White Round Dining Set
Sunroom With Open Brick Wall And Floor, Plants, Purple Flowers, Glass Ceiling, Black Metal Dining Set With White Clothe
Round Snuroom With White Marble Floor, White Wooden Framed Windows, Dome Ceiling With Chandelier
Sunroom With White Floor, White Cupboard, White Bar With Rattan Bar Stool, Corner Dining Area, Clear Glass Ceiling
Sunroom With Tiles Floor, White Ceiling, Clear Glass Windows Wall, Thin Chandelier, Wooden Table, Sofa And Chairs
Sunroom With Green Painted Framed Of Windows, Ceiling, Plants, Round Dining Table And Chairs, Ceiling Fan
Sunroom With Hanging Plants, Crystal Chandelier, Wooden Table, Pink Wooden Chairs, Pink Green Patterened Tiles
Sunroom With Amazing Glass Ceiling, Wall, Nude Tiles, Nude Wooden Dining Set, Ceiling Fan
Sunroom With Wooden Floor, Wooden Framed Windows And Door, Wooden Table And Chair, Ceilign Lamp, Glass Roof And Windows
Sunroom With Wooden Floor, Open Brick Wall, Ceiling And Wall Of Clear Glass, Plants, Wooden Dining Set

Sunroom has been many people’s favorite place in the house. With its glass window that enable you to enjoy your outdoor surrounding, it’s like bringing the outdoor to your indoor. And that’s why sunroom is usually favorite place to enjoy quality time either for reading, or even quality time with others like dining together. That’s why turning a sunroom into a dining room is always welcome because those who love the serenity of outdoors will love it so much. Here below are some ideas on how beautiful dining area in a sunroom are.


Wooden Sunroom

When you build a sunroom, you have invited outdoor view to be able to enjoy indoor. But when you furnish everything in wooden material , you invited nature to stay inside. Then, when you combine those two powerful things, you


Around the Glass

As commonly seen in a sunroom, glass windows can be everywhere. IT can be the wall or ceiling. It’s the important thing that will help you get the most of sunlight. And if you want to limit the glass on the wall only, that is still beautiful. Dining surrounded nature view is always romantic.


Bar and Cornered Dining Area

Besides accommodating a dining area, you can also try to add something else. The picture below might have given you some idea. Even though it only has small space of long shaped sunroom, it can put two functions of group engagement area. With the cornered dining set to save the space and a small bar, this sunroom will be able to serve people their best time.


Round Around

If your sunroom is in round shape, it is easy to put your dining table set. You just need the center of it. To save some space, you can use the dining table set with the same shape so that it will fit the best. And with that only, the dining area is beautiful already.


Among the Hanging Plants

One of the most favorite functions of a sunroom is for growing plants. However, if you want to get both, you can combine dining room and plants together too. In fact, it makes everything even more beautiful. You’ll get beautiful dining space and your plants are growing well still.


Between the Plants

Similarly with the previous picture, this one also sets the dining room between the plants, both hanging or on the pot. The different is that the bare bricks of wall and the old classic look of the sunroom that makes it even more romantic.


Under the Stars

Still in the categories of surround yourself with the plants, this one here also set a dining table set in the middle of plants and flowers. This one here, though, only needs a small dining set and it already makes a perfect change. With its small size, the room doesn’t lose its sweetness from the flowers and matching open bricks on the wall and floor.


Under the Amazing Sky

Of course it’s always great to eat under the sky when it’s clear. However, if you can enjoy your sky through brilliantly gorgeous glass work like this one below, it’s amazing. With this amazing ceiling, of course the ambiance will flow better, conversation will be great, and diner time will be warm and romantic.


Green Green Forest

While the previous ones has a lot of natural look of wooden furnish, this one here has the room in green finish. All the wooden frame for the windows and ceiling are in green and it brings out the surrounding green leaves blends perfectly. Adding a dining room here will be such a feast for you, your family, and friends.


Doom Glass Ceiling

Similar with one of the previous ones, this one here also has round shaped room with walls and ceiling mostly clear glass. The beautiful detail on this one is the dark brown frame on the windows and ceiling. The color looks so bold on the nude colored walls and the white dining set that match with it. The other great thing is that it is also surrounded with plants.




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