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living room, white floor, green rug, white geometrical coffee table, pink sofa, white rattan chair, pink wall, green cabinet Flickr

Living Room, White Rug, White Wall, Soft Pink Sofa, Neon Pink Square Ottoman
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, Pink Sofa, White Wooden Square Coffee Tbale, Pink Green Table Lamp, White Side Table
Living Room, White Wall, Brown Rug, Pink Sofa, Rattan Basket, White Sconce, White Framed Painting, White Wooden Beam
Living Room, Brown Rug, Soft Pink Sofa, White Wall, Golden Tray
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Pink Sofa, White Built In Shelves, White Framed Door
Living Room, White Floor, Green Rug, White Geometrical Coffee Table, Pink Sofa, White Rattan Chair, Pink Wall, Green Cabinet
Living Room, Pink Wall, White Leather Lounge Chair, White Table Lamp, Paintings, White Side Table
Living Room, Grey Floor, Rattan Rug, White Wall, Wainscoting, Neon Pink Sofa, Golden Side Table, White Blue Ottoman With Golden Cross Legs
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, Pink Framed Coffee Table, Pink Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Pink Patterned Sofa, Flowery Curtain

Living room is always fun to decorate. It is usually the biggest and largest room in the house and such space would be really fun and interesting to decorate. You can decorate it in color theme or in one theme. However, these ones here shows how pink can make living rooms look sweet and feminine. The pink color painted and added in the living rooms below shows how beautiful it can be. However, pink gives not only pretty sight but also a strong sight. If you are looking for pink touches in the living room, these below can start give you some inspirations.

Neon Sofa
In this living room, the interesting thing that catches the eye easily is the eon pink sofa. Against the white wall, this neon pink sofa looks so bright and pronounced. Te golden lines on the table and chair legs brings elegant touch to the room.

Soft Touches
This one here puts a softer shade of pink but with the same strong look in the living room with white background. The golden tray side table is a beautiful touch to this white pink combination.

Pink Combination
In this living room, the strong neon pink ottoman gives a powerful note. The soft pink sofa seems to blush, combined with this catchy ottoman. To make things more interesting, pillows that matches this blush are added.

Strong Wall
In this living room, the bright pink on the wall looks so strong that it makes a room with powerful ambiance. The white contrast in lounge chair and table lamp make a nice contrast to the pink wall.

Blushed Wall
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts pink on the wall, with the softer look. This blushed wall is completed with pink patterned sofa and pink framed coffee table that looks comfortable inside. The flowery curtain brings beautiful touch to it.

Powerful Pink
Similar to the first one, this one puts a powerful impression with neon pink sofa. This neon pink looks even brighter combines with bright surrounding coming from the glass window, as well as the neutral background. It is a fresh look seen in the living room.

Comfortable in Pink
In this living room below, the soft comfortable pink sofa gives warmth to the room amidst the rattan basket and cream rug. The white background puts the setting popped out without losing the warmth.

Sweet Comfort
The living room below also gives a sweet combination of white and pink. The simple look in this living room brings out the pink touches the best. The neutral white combination puts the pretty and sweet pink color pronounced look.

Pink Ambiance
Not only on the wall, this one here puts pink on the sofa and decorations. These all are combined with fresh green color on the floor and cabinet. The white coffee table and rattan chair puts an interesting addition to the room.

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