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living room, wooden floor, striped wall, pendants, purple sofa, wooden coffee table, grey chair, colorful rug Cote Maison

Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Pink Wainscoting, Blue Chairs, Pink Tufted Sofa, Pink Patterned Rug, Side Table, White Table Lamp
Living Room, Patterned Rug, Brown Sofa, Pinnk Tufted Bench
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Pendants, Blue Sofas, Blue And White Ottoman, Round Coffee Table, White Framed Fireplace
Living Room, Patterned Rug, White Wall, Traditional Pendant, White Coffee Table, White Sofa, White Side Table,
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Expoed Red Brick Fireplace, Round Wooden Coffee Table, Pink Purple Striped Chairs, White Sofa
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Striped Wall, Pendants, Purple Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Grey Chair, Colorful Rug
Living Room, White Rug, Blue Patterned Wall, Blue Sofa, Glass Coffee Table, White Fur Stools, Glass Pendants, White Cabinet
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, White Wall, Green Chair, White Marble Coffee Table
Living Room, Rattan Rug, White Wall, Rattan Swing, Round Wooden Coffee Table, White Sofa, Ottomans
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Window Bay, Chandelier, White Sofas, Golden Framed Coffee Tables, White Sconces

There are many ways in prettifying a living room. But you can always find it pretty when it matches your preference. Some may feel minimalist is a pretty thing while others might think pretty is when a living room has sweet look. As sweet look might relate to feminine touch, it might be perfect for those who wish their living room to have feminine ambiance, like a living room for women. With this compilation below, you would know why some of them are pretty feminine while the other can e great for family as well.

White on White
White on white setting is always pretty. It also makes the room to look more spacious. And with tufted sofas like this one, the space is not only fresh but also comfortable. The golden lines on the coffee table give its own beautiful touches.

Sweet Stripes
This traditional living room has made a beautiful traditional and rustic living room with its exposed brick and wooden coffee table. But with its purple-pink striped chair, this living room looks so sweet.

Blushed Light
This comfortable living room looks so cozy to be the place where you share gossip and plans. With its blushed lights from the pendant, the space looks even cozier.

Blushed Bench
If you want to create a comfortable living room with simple setting, this one here is a perfect example. With brown sofa, wooden coffee table and pink bench, the space has looks really cozy and sweet.

Sweet Bohemian
Sweet accents can be added in any room, regardless of the style. This bohemian living room proves it right as natural touches like flowers can look so pretty and sweet. This one here adds sweet touch with the flower on the rattan swing and the tasseled chandelier above.

Modern Sweetness
This one here adds sweet accent to the modern living room. A pink sofa and patterned rug looks gorgeous and amazing in this modern living room with blue chairs. The white accents on the lams and bench makes the room even sweeter.

Sweet Blue
Looking sweet does not always mean looking pink. This blue living room is a gorgeous living room with stunningly sweet accents. the patterns on the sofa, bench, rug and the pillows create an amazing look in this one.

Sweet Stripe
Adorable is the right word for this living room below. The lilac sofa makes a really cute appearance that goes so well with the rug and coffee table. The stripe wallpaper in the back makes a cute background.

Elegant Blue
This living room makes an elegant look with blue sofa and sweet blue patterned wallpaper. Completed with white fur stools and cabinet, the room is symmetrically amazing. The glass chandelier gives a strong final touch.

Pink Patterned
Similar to most of the previous ones, this one also has a simple set yet pretty details. The pink patterned rug gives a strong look that blends with the pillows while the white companion blend easily.

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