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white hanging sofa with pillows in white wooden floored porch with wooden chairs with white cushion J. Visser Design

Wooden Hanging Sofa With White Cushion, White Pillows, Hung With Rope
Wooden Hanging Hanging Sofa With Raw Coloured, Whick Arm Rest, White Cushion, White Pillows
Blue Wooden Hanging Sofa With Grey Flooring Porch
Black Wooden Hanging Sofa With Pillows On White Wooden Porch
Wooden Hanging Sofa With Blue Cushion, Pillows, In Sunroom Near The Fireplace
White Hanging Sofa With Pillows In White Wooden Floored Porch With Wooden Chairs With White Cushion
Wooden Hanging Sofa With White Cushion, White Pillows, Hung By Rope In Grey Floored Porch
Wooden Hanging Sofa With White Pillows In Dark Brown Wooden Floor Porch
Wooden Hanging Sofa With Pillows In Grey Porch
Low Wooden Hanging Sofa With White Cushion And White Pillows In White Wooden Floored Porch

Enjoying time can be a really easy thing to do when you’re home. The easiest place is your own bedroom. However, sometimes it’s not really comfortable to have activities besides sleeping done in bedroom. If you think the same way, you would love a place where you can enjoy your time reading and talking to a friend or family while enjoying a fresh air and the view from your surroundings. If so, you would love hanging sofa in your porch. It is the best place to have a conversation and, sometimes, take some nap in a really hot day. Let’s see some hanging sofa that will make your porch even more beautiful.

Romantic Porch

In this porch which is already beautiful and romantic from the lamps and lights from inside the house, a simple wooden hanging sofa that is not too big can complement the porch very well. And with the almost empty porch (without chairs or table), the porch only has two things to put the attention to.


Sunroom Porch

Here is a sunroom that almost as open as a porch is. With glass window circling the round area, the sunroom is almost as good as open area especially when summer comes. And with a lazy hanging sofa, your time in enjoying the sunlight and the company of your dear ones will be amazing.


Out in the Garden

One of the best things about the open area is the plants and flowers which are the best accessories the Mother Nature provide for us all. And enjoying all the beauty and fresh air in the garden will perfect if you can swing lazily in your chair. With simple wooden hanging chair, it is not only comfortable but also pretty to see.


Hidden Well

If you want to enjoy your time in private more so that you can sit or take a nap without being too exposed, you can put the swing behind the bush in front of your porch. With flowers and plants in front of it, the swing will have its own shade.


White Swinging Sofa

Here, you see the matching swinging sofa with the wooden flooring and the cushioned chairs. Although the porch has chairs, swinging sofa, and plants, it doesn’t make the porch look too crowded.


Elegant Black

If you think elegant can’t be comfortable, then you’re wrong. Even the elegant black swinging sofa can be a comfortable spot to enjoy the afternoon.


Comfortable Porch

If you the kind of people who likes to have your porch as a place to gather around your beloved ones, you will love to have comfortable chairs, coffee table, and swinging sofa in the porch. Your swing will attract longer playtime from your guest. It will make people who sit there feels at home.


Rustic Look

Having a sofa swing doesn’t make your porch to be too feminine, if you think that way. It only makes your porch looks more comfortable. However, if you’re worried if the lanky features might not your style, you can have something sturdier like this one. With sturdy thick wood, the swing will brings stronger character.


Rope Dangling

This one swing is similar to previous ones but with rope, instead of wire. The design is pretty simple too with only wood below the cushion and really thin slab of wood for armrest.


Swinging Bed

Similar with the previous one, this one also has rope hanging for the swing. However, this one is bigger and it can give you more comfortable nap compared to some of the aforementioned.

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