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blue table lamp with flowers vase Pinterest

Wooden Table Lamp With Stiped Wooden Head
Bar Table Lamp Wth Metal And Wood Material
Water Pipe Shaped Metal Table Lamp
Wooden Table Lamp With Orange Leather Head
Wooden Table Lamps In The Shape Of A Person With Surfing Board
Paper Like Table Lamp With White Cover
Human Shaped Wooden Table Lamp
Table Lamp With Wood Body And Support, Metal Head
Wooden Table Lamp With Pens And Phone Holder
Blue Table Lamp With Flowers Vase

When people work on the table, it is so easy to get tired and bored. It can be because of the work itself or the decoration of the home office that is not really inviting that makes it hard to even go to the table, sit on the chair and work. However, that is can be taken care of by putting more interesting accessories on your table, like flowers, plants, family pictures, framed quotes, or even a simple thing like table lamp.  Here below are insightful ideas of table lamp that will make you smile and realize that you might need one to brighten up your working place.

Wooden and Metal Alike

This is a stunning idea that combines wood and metal spotlights that brings natural and industrial feeling into one beautiful piece.


Wooden Illusion

This one here offers a great craftsmanship of wooden lamp. The head of the lamp will cast a beautiful shadow on the near wall. It can be made lower or higher according to your taste.


Surfing Man

This one gives you the best design with mini wooden surfer on the board. With the uncovered lamp, you will get the best lighting from it.


Water Pipes

If you love something industrial, you will be delighted by this one. The bulb is protected by the metal cage around. The body of the lamp are shaped like water pipe you used to see. And not only that, it looks old too which is its own attractiveness.


Wood and Leather

Another thing that is well combined with wood is leather. As you can see here, the wooden head of the lamp matches perfectly with the soft brown leather on the head of the lamp.


Kneel Down

Another great idea on table lamp is this one in the picture below. With a dog like feature, this one reminds you of a robot that you dreamed about when you’re little except that it’s made from wood. It will make your table lovelier, cute, and brighter.


Paper Lamp

If you are more of a pretty thing fan, you will love this paper table lamp. With its thin paper-like material, the light beautifully glow from it and you room will look lovelier.


Multi-Function Spot

This is another wooden lamp that will look so beautiful in your table. The beautifully wooden material, perfectly enough light, the multifunction area for pens and phone make this lamp looks so endearing.


Linear LED

This one here in the picture is for you who love the idea of elegance, simplicity, and pretty table lamp. With its thin body in gold colour, the lamp offers elegance at the maximum. And its lanky head of LED lamp brings modernity as well as friendly light to work on your paper.


Flower Pants

The idea of a multifunction table lamp for phone and pen can be really intriguing, but a multifunction table lamp for flowers is seldom heard of. And not only its multifunction, it also brings more beautiful feeling with its sight only.

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