Ten All-Time Favorite Unfinished Basement Ideas

red wall accent wall red pillow accent couch stone wall stone fireplace wooden floor wood door exposed beams wall lamps

Do you have unfinished basement but you don’t have any idea to redesign it? Usually, the homeowners only leave the basement to be unfinished storage room or even to be useless. However, unfinished basement can be useful for many purposes


Nicely Designed Basement Floors to be Amazed By

nicely designed basement floors hardwood floor ceiling lamp wall decor table window plant pillows sofa painting

Having a nicely designed basement floor is surely something that can make a homeowner proud and if you want to be proud of your own nicely designed basement floor, you might need to get some inspirations to use when designing


Turn Your Basement into Fun Living Room

large living room basement with white wall and ceiling, grey sofa, rug, and couches, two dining table sets

If you have basement in your home, you might want to turn into some beautiful room where you can talk to your family and friend and do a lot of fun activities there. Well, if that’s what you want, you