Stunning Designed Floating Shelves to Create Statement Wall

Colorful floating tetris shelves on white brick wall

Creating statement wall can be done by using strong or bold color paint or strong patterned wallpaper. But, if you don’t want to change your wall, creating a strong statement can also be done by adding unique accessories on the


Stunning Ideas on Decoration Shelves You Need to Witness

floating shelves with pink obre color ont he shelves and wall

Decoration can change the atmosphere of a room to be warmer and more fun. If you love to collect decoration, you will need shelves to make all tidily kept in a great display. However, not only that the decoration needs


Brilliant Wooden Wall Shelves To Take A Look At

wooden wall shelves area rug coffee table marble floor ottomans sectional tray ceiling tv white leather wall deco table lamp

Have you ever wonder where you should put your belongings or books collection? You can get a bookcase, cabinet, or some shelves. The built-in cabinet may be the most favorable for people who still want to save the space. You


Floating Shelves to Lighten the Look of Shelves in Your Room

wooden curved floating shelves under TV

Putting a floating shelf has been a great touch in your room to give it unique accent. With floating shelf or shelves, you will be able to give room under the TV so that it won’t look too crowded and