Creating Open Space in the Studio Apartment

studio apartment, wooden floor, pink bed platform, glass partition, white curtain, round mirror, white large round pendants

Having a studio apartment can be really tricky. You would want to have your space spacious but you have to do some adjustment. With studio apartment, you might want to make your space open. You living room and kitchen in


Peeking on Modern and Minimalist Room Partition with Half Glass on It

glass partition on wooden siland, woden floor, white cabinet, white wall, wooden kitchen top

Room partition can be in many shapes and size. However, if you long for something that will match the simplicity of your small room, these ones here might be the ones that you’re looking for. With the right partition, you


Finding the Beautiful Partition for the Kitchen

dining nook, wooden table, rattan chairs, bench with plaid cover, glass partition, wooden floor, pendant, ceiling lamp, kitchen wih white cabinet

While you can put partition in anywhere in the house, putting partition in the kitchen is really a common practice as it has another room that cannot be separated, the dining room. And below, you will be able to see


The Modern Art of Subtle Glass Partition

glass partition with black metal lines pattern, white ceiling lamp, towel holder

Partition can help one room to be separated from another room without having to build a sturdy wall. With partition, the room and house will feel lighter and fresher. And that’s why it is a perfect option to pick when


Walk-In Shower with Exquisite Things You Can Do

bathroom with bathtub, shower without door, dark mosaic tiles on flooring, wall, metal shower fixture

So many varieties you can choose on planning or remodeling your bathroom. You can go with tub or shower of both depends on how you want your bathroom space spent. One of the favourite people go for is walk in


Small Bathroom with Walk In Shower

white small bathroom with white ceiling, flooring, walls, white toilet, white cabinet, glass partition, glass window

There are many ways in making small bathroom to have as much space as possible. One of them is blending the color. You can try to choose what color you would like to have for your color. If you want