The Open and Free Bathroom You Will Love

bathroom, wooden shelves, white tub, white sink, glass sliding door

Not everyone can feel comfortable with lots of openness. It might make others feel too exposed but to some other, having an open bathroom can make them feel more relaxed. And this is no problem at all especially if you


Getting Bright Vibe in the Bathroom Near Large Window

bathroom, white zigzag pattern floor tiles, white wall, white ceiling, white marble sink, acrylic shelves, white tub, round cove with glass wall

When a large space is ready for a bathroom, it’s easy to make it beautiful. With large space, you don’t have to worry about putting all you need inside the bathroom. You can separate the tuba and shower in different


Adding Fresh and Brilliant Glass Wall to Create Vibrant Vibe

glass wall with black metal frame with some windows on the kitchen

Sometimes, windows are not enough to give maximum level of light to a room. When it feels like more room needs to be opened, glass wall can be a good solution. Glass wall will give protection from the outside but