Classic Coastal Light Fixtures To Be Inspired By

coastal light fixtures wooden cabinets glass windows white marble countertop built in shelves brown island traditional barstools pendant lamps sink stovetop

Light fixtures are not only the main things in a room but also can be a unique decoration to beautify the style. It can enhance the room style or add a statement in a good design. A simple room can


Exquisite Bedside Hanging Lamps that Will Astonish You

hanging lamp in the shape of mediterranian lamp

While some people choose bedside table lamps, some others choose bedside hanging lamps. It doesn’t mean that one of them is the best but it just means that people have their own preferences. And, whatever your preference is, surely, you


The Minimalist Bedroom in the Surge of Popularity

bedroom with white flooring, white wall, white ceiling, black low square side table, black table lamps, black linen bed

With the rising popularity of low profile bed and grey color palette, minimalism rise as one of the most popular look too. Minimalism emphasizes on simple and clear lines and minimal furniture. It is the place where nothing but tranquillity