Indoor Greenery to Freshen Up Your Dwelling Place

affordable diy shelf planter for indoor garden from wood crate in house corner

One of the problems of urban housing is lacking area to install spacious garden for creating fresh and lively nuance at home. Still, you can maximize tiny space to keep your hobby alive. Those who love gardening can enjoy greenery


Creating Open Space to the Garden in a Small House

small kitchen with wooden floor, white small island with wooden stools, wooden shelves ,tiny patch of garden

Besides interiors with eco-conscious, eco-friendly house design has also risen in popularity. Many people love to make their house some friendly effect for the environment. And it includes the reduction in greenhouse emissions. One of the things to do that


Stunning Interior Design with Outdoor Reach

japanese house with a patch of soil inside the house separated by glass window and traditional sliding dooor, with grass, stones, and a tree

Connecting outdoor ambiance to indoor interior can be really fun and refreshing to the indoor look. It brings a sense of natural and fresh breath air as nature is the best accessories that you have nothing to do with. You