Having Stunningly Pretty Arrangements for Indoor Plants

black metal shelves with wooden boxes for plants and other, blue wall, grey floor, patterned wall tiles

Indoor plants are great decoration that will help your room to feel natural and fresh. With indoor plants, the room will not feel too dingy. However, with the wrong treatment, it will be withered and it will therefore make your


Surrounded by Beautiful Greens in the Living Room

living room corner with grey wall, wooden floor, grey chair, wooden cabinet, shelves, black table lamp, plants, golden ceiling accessory, rattan rug

As we have discussed about indoor plants and the shelves to beautifully decorate the room, now we can talk about how a living room can be really pretty with all the plants inside. With its calming green color, you will


Ten Indoor Plants with Minimum Care that Will Help Keeping the Air Cleaner

spider plant in a white pot

There are a lot of reasons why you need plants in your home. Some of it are that plants can beautify your house, give fresher look, let your gardening hobby channeled (especially if you don’t have soil), and it also