Creating Breezy and Modern Small Laundry Room

laundry room, patterned floor, white brick exposed wall, white cbainet, wooden cabinet, sink, hanging rod

If you want to have a special room for doing laundry, but you only have a small room, you would have to think carefully for the design so that your room will work efficiently, especially if you live in tropical


When Doing Laundry Becomes a Fun and Relaxing Activity

laundry room, orange patterned floor, white wall, white cabinet, white apron sink, round glass window, white cabinet

Even though you jsut have to put the dirty clothes inside a machine, doing laundry can be quite bothersome. You have o pick colors, you have to pick the right detergent. Sometimes it just makes you feel lazy to move


Having Fun in Laundry Room

laudry room, painting wallpaper, blue subway tiles, white machines, white wooden shelves, patterned floor tiles, white cabinet

Washing your clothes can’t be easier, compare to how they did it decades ago, or how people in third world do it. Many of you have the privilege to do your laundry with the help of machine. But still, the


Decorating Laundry Room for a Better Mood

laundry room, black cabinet, white apron sink, white machines, white subway wall tiles, floating shelves, grey floor, patterned rug

Getting your laundry done can take some times when you’re not in the mood. It’s probably the responsibility that you don’t like, you don’t have too much time, or that you don’t like the place that the activity taken place.


Arranging Laundry Machine Effectively

built in cupboard with yellow doors, gren inside, laundry machines, shelves, glass pendant, white floor

Living in a modern era has brought so many benefits for us. One of them is the efficiency in everything we do, like chores. While years ago people need to spend much energy to wash their clothes, these days people


Lovely Laundry Room Decorations To Be Inspired By

laundry room decorations blue tree painting white gloss cabinet built in bench gray countertop washing machine wooden floor umbrella hooks

A laundry room is where you can put some of your dirty clothes, wash the clothes, and dry them. It may be a small space which provides space for a washing machine as well as some cabinets. The cabinets can


Arranging Every Thing You Need Inside a Small Laundry Room

small laundry room with green wooden wall, two machines, shelves on top for cleansing liquid, detergent, baskets, and clean clother

In this modern days, laundry is not a big problem anymore. You don’t have to scrub your own clothes. We have the machine for that, thank God. And for that, we also can save the space in our home. We


Inspiring Utility Cabinets for Laundry Room

modern dark tan utility cabinets in one side of room

Laundry room is where you produce clean clothes for the whole family. It can’t be messy although there are many things to put. Unless you will be messed up looking for things you need at time. Thus you do need