Modern Bathroom with Interesting Black Floor Look

bathroom, black hexagonal floor tiles, white subway wall, wooden cabinet with white top, golden framed mirror, black floor shower, wooden bench

Creating a comfortable and clean bathroom can be challenging. However, with modern look, the problems are solved beautifully. As modern setting tends to bring clean lines and tidy look, decorating with the simplicity of modern look can make your bathroom


The Strong and Beautiful Red Bathrooms

bathroom, white subway wall tiles, red accent wall, red side, white vanity, white sink, two mirrors

Red is surely a powerful color. Using red in a room would make the room drips with strong impressive energy. However, putting on red can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when the room is large. If you want to paint your


Stunning Classic and Modern Bathrooms with Wooden Floor

bathroom, wooden floor, white wall, arch window, white tub, white sink, golden framed mirror

Wooden floor has been used favorably in the house. However, mostly it is not in the bathroom. It is quite understandable as it might be difficult to maintain wooden floor in moist circumstance like bathroom. However, it does not mean


Beautiful Modern Bathroom with Interesting Floor

bathroom, whtie wall, white plank wall, white cabinet, white tub, white hexagonal floor tiles, round mirror

Creating modern bathroom is not as easy as its finish look: simple or minimalist. Sometimes, when the bathroom feels too simple, some interesting accents would want to be added. If you have build the bathroom, you can go with colored


Inspirations from Seamless Modern Bathrooms

yellow seamless wall and sink, white faucet, mirror

Minimalist bathroom can be really endearing for those who love modern style. You can create a minimalist bathroom with neutral colors or smooth and clean surface or combination of all. It’s always interesting how people can design as little as


The Pretty and Gorgeous Modern Green Bathrooms

bathroom, white wall tiles, green painted wall, mirror partition, white terrazzo floor, white tiles vanity, white round sink, white floating toilet, round mirror

While modern styled room usually goes with more neutral color, these bathroom presents interesting look with their green painted wall. Although it’s all green, the clean and smooth lines are so minimalist and brilliantly interesting. If you love green color


The Modern Square Tiles in the Bathroom for Simplicity

white square tiles on the floor and one side of the wall, peach painted wall and door, white floating toilet, black framed partition, black rail, black shower

For modern vibe in the bathroom, square tiles are used occasionally. It gives simple and minimalist look that brings out the best modern vibe. These ten simply stunning bathrooms can show you how incredible square tiles are in bathroom. Square


Absorbing Vintage and Modern Vibes in the Combination Bathroom Look

bathroom, wooden floor, white sink, white wall, window with roman shade, slim golden chandelier, rattan basket, rug

Mixing and combining styles are common to make the room more exciting. Combining styles also makes the room feel unique and interesting no matter which room it is. To give you some ideas on how combining styles might look in


Getting Natural Touch on Modern Bohemian Bathrooms

bathroom, white wooden floor, rattan baske, wooden stool, white wall, white open brick wall, grey curtain with fringes, grey tub, white shade

Simple look is still on the trend that people love. It is because in our generation, items that looks sleek and simple draw our attention. And that’s why simple and minimalist look is still going strong. However, it is not