Extra Sweet in the Pink Kitchen

kitchen, grey floor, wooden cabinet, pink bottom cabinet, grey marble counter top, black chairs, green table

Giving sweet look in the kitchen can be done by putting pink as accents in the kitchen. It can be in the tiles, floor, backsplash, or even on the island. There are so many exciting place to put pink. With


The Incredible and Luxurious Modern Marble Kitchens

kitchen, wooden floor, white island, white backsplash, white cabinet, white pendants, brown stools

Kitchen is always a place of war. It is a war of heat, time and creativity, as well as patient. Kitchen should bring you comfort and peace in mind. Not only that, it is also a place to socialize with


Modern Kitchen Inspirations with Island

kitchen, seamless grey floor, black island with grey top, white marble backsplash, wooden floating shelves, black upper cabinet, black stools, silver ball pendants

Kitchen is another place to gather around. It is not only a place to create and cook but also a place socialize. With kitchen, you would be able to not only talk but also to eat together with your friends


Delightful Blue Kitchen to Cook for Your Family and Friends

kitchen, wooden floor, white wall, blue cabinet, white counter top

Blue has been one of the easiest colors to combine with. It gives calm, comfort and fresh look too sometimes. Getting blue to your rooms is difficult to fail because it is that easy. And because of its calm and


Clean and Bright Long Modern Kitchens

kichen, long space, wooden floor, glossy white cabinet, indented space, white wall, black stool

Kitchen feels the best when it looks clean and bright. It brings fresh look to the room and it makes you feel calm preparing the food amidst the heat and, sometimes, strong smell. Creating a clean and tidy kitchen will


Stunning Green Green Accent in the Modern Kitchen

kitchen, white subway baksplash, white wall, deep green modern cabinet. floating shelves

Having a modern room sometimes can be dull after a long time. However, if some details are added, things can be quite interesting. These one below are modern kitchens that look clean and tidy with its smooth surface but still


Beautiful Calming Kitchen You Would Love

kitchen, white patterned floor, white kitchen cabinet, blue pendant, white dining table, wooden stools, blue backsplash, blue fridge, green wall

Decorating kitchen can be so fun as it can look like whatever you want. And there are many challenges you need to think before you decide on what you should do to your kitchen like gas, sink, air flow, etc.


Creating Simple Look Galley Kitchen in Your Alley

galley kitchen, black bottom cabinet, white wall, black cupboard, black top, black upper cabinet, modern pendant

If you arrange your house to have kitchen in a long alley, the space would be challenging. You would need to adapt to the space, to store everything you need without forgetting your need to get comfortable in a nice


Simply Comfortable Kitchen You Would Love to Spend the Day

kitchen, wooden floor, white wall, wooden bottom cabinet, grey marble top, wooden round table, wooden chairs, window bench, pendant

Kitchen can be really crucial when you use kitchen as a place where people are gather around and share their day while you or someone else prepare the food. Kitchen should be really comfortable and the space should be practical


The Fun and Playful Kitchen in Modern Fusion

kitchen, wooden wall, striped rug, green wooden bottom cabinet, terazzo kitchen top, blue upper cabinet, floating shelves, white cabinet, white and green pantry

Although modern look loves to have neutral colors on the sight and tend to not using colorful furniture to decorate the room, but it does not mean that it is impossible to mix and blends modern design with colored touch.