Fun and Beautiful Patterns on the Kitchen Floor

kitchen, white black patterned floor, white wall, black pendants, wooden table, white stool, mint green cabinet, white upper cabinet

Sometimes, kitchen can feel too serious. It can feel too formal that those who cook in the kitchen can feel depressed when they have to deal with the heat and keep all the ingredients come in time. Not to mention


Beautiful Look in Making the Kitchen’s Floor Pretty and Interesting

kitchen, mint green cupboard, min green bottom cabinet, white island, glass pendant, patterned floor, patterned rug

Making a room interesting can be done from many angles. You can make the ceiling or wall so interesting and strong with character or you can make the floor looks cool instead. No matter the room is, it is always


The Perks of Patterns in the Dining Room

dining room, green white floor tiles, patterned tiles on the wall, wooden table, rooden chairs, floaring wooden bench, pillow, pendant

Having patterns is something that not all people can do, especially more permanent patterns like in the wall and floor. However, patterns have its own charms. It can make the room more interesting. It makes the room livelier. Having patterns