Beautiful Modern Bathroom with Interesting Floor

bathroom, whtie wall, white plank wall, white cabinet, white tub, white hexagonal floor tiles, round mirror

Creating modern bathroom is not as easy as its finish look: simple or minimalist. Sometimes, when the bathroom feels too simple, some interesting accents would want to be added. If you have build the bathroom, you can go with colored


The Unique and Bold Patterned Tiles for Bathroom

bathroom, white wall, patterned floor tiles, black tub, glass partition, shower, black chairs, golden table

Patterned tiles have their own charm in the details on the tiles itself and on how it affects the room overall. Because of this, it is always a bold move to present powerful patterned tiles in the room, especially in


Mix and Match Colors and Patterns in the Bathroom

bathroom, pattern floor tiles, tiles bench, wooden tub with white inside, beige wall, orange partition,

Bathroom can be a really fun place with pattern floor tiles. With strong pattern, the room will change so much different. And if you think you need some inspirations to find before renovate or choosing your tiles in the bathroom,