More than Just a Decoration and More than Just Storage

rainbow pegboard with hooks and small boxes

When you decorate your room, you will want to make sure that you have everything you need. And you might also want to make sure that you have given the room the accessories or decoration that it needs, to create


The Smart Shelves Substitutions that You Will Love

metal wall grid, papers clipped, copper glass clipped, small rattan basket clipped, white bottom cabinet, white wall

Putting shelves on the wall can be really helpful to store and manage your things tidily. With shelves on the wall, you will be able to see your accessories or small things you want to easily reach. But sometimes, having


The Practical and Useful Pegboards to be Installed in the Kitchen

kitchen, black floor tiles, white pegboards on the wall and the surface of the island, yellow sconce, yellow stool, hanging shelves

Pegboards have been a really useful invention in the interior design. It is simple and minimalist looking but it can hold many functions. It can hold things on each wood trust on the hole and it can also hold boards


Creative Ways to Decorate the Room with Plywood

small plywood with mirror and shelves on pegboard

Plywood has been a great material in furniture especially furniture that does not need to support heavy things. It’s usually for decorations an such. With its thin and light look, plywood can give a great minimalist look especially for those


Storage for Your Kitchenware, No Cabinet and Cupboards on the Wall

kitchen with wooden cabinet, white pegboards on the wall with wooden shelves and nook

In choosing storage in the kitchen, you will need to consider the space that you have. It’s because any furniture you choose will affect on how the kitchen will look, especially if you have small space kitchen where you have