Perfect Corner to Read a Book

reading corner, wooden floor, white wall, glass window, bookshelves on window sill, white round table

Reading a book can look so easy. But, as hours upon hours go, your body will feel heavy and you will want to sit comfortably in a cozy chair. It is the perfect place if it’s situated in the corner


Exquisite and Brilliant Ideas on What to Do with Your Alcove

round alcove, white bed cushion, grey wooden storage at the bottom, wooden round ceiling

Sometimes, our house has some space that is left unused that we love to make use of it. Making it into storage can be the most popular ideas because, let’s face it, who does not want more space to store


Comfortable Reading Spot by the Window

rattan frame with flowery cushion, fur blanket, floor lamp, rattan rug, side table

Reading is such a private activity where you will want the perfect ambiance and time to do it in your own way and time. These pictures below will show ten perfect reading nook that any bookworm will love to spend


Beautiful Reading Nook Ideas with Comfortable Chairs

reading nook with wooden floor, white wall, floating shelves in the alcove, grey chair with ottoman, orange floor lamp, near the window

Reading nook is a really important place for a bookworm. Creating a reading nook is like creating a bedroom without getting too comfortable to sleep. The best reading nook is the one that can give you the comfort to sit