Creating Bright and Warm Relaxing Spots

window nook, blue wall, white framed window, white floating shelves

When you have windows at home, you might only think of it as a thing that gives you abundance of light, warmth as well as fresh air. However, window can actually give so much more than that. It can give


Getting Ready to Have a Long Reading Journey This Holiday

reading spot, wooden floor, white wall, white shelves, wooden ceiling, white lounge char, golden lamp

Reading nook has been a great addition to a house. It adds comfortable place around the house. And as a reading place, it helps growing this positive habit for everyone in the house. A comfortable place, shelves, bright light, a


Creating Cozy Little Library in the House

grey built in nook with drawers, cushion, book shelves on the side, sconce

When there are too many books around the house and you haven’t created a special place to store them, you will need to do it soon. Creating a place for books does not always need large space. All you need


Comfortable Reading Spot by the Window

rattan frame with flowery cushion, fur blanket, floor lamp, rattan rug, side table

Reading is such a private activity where you will want the perfect ambiance and time to do it in your own way and time. These pictures below will show ten perfect reading nook that any bookworm will love to spend


The Dreamy Comfortable Nook for Bookworms

bookworm bed along the window, white bedding, red bed platform, red curtain, grey wall, wooden shelves on the wall, red curtain

If your bed looks cluttered with books, you might be a bookworm. And you might love these bedroom here. Designed simply and narrow, these bedroom surely can be the perfect place to escape reality and peruse the books without disturbs.


Gorgeous Adornments in the House with Window Seats

window seat, low and large window, wooden planks layered, wooden ceiling, narrow shelves on the side

Window seats have been used in the house since so long time ago. The reason is more than because of it’s pretty. It is practical and comfortable. Having window seat usually means you have large windows and that means better


Relaxing Window Nook for Reading and Taking a Nap

window nook with wooden bench, pink cushion, pillows, white wooden wall, white wooden ceiling, windows with shade

Having a window nook is really exciting. When having a nook in the window, people can help having an exciting time planning on what to do with the window nook. Well, here below are probably what you need to see


Beautiful Reading Nook Ideas with Comfortable Chairs

reading nook with wooden floor, white wall, floating shelves in the alcove, grey chair with ottoman, orange floor lamp, near the window

Reading nook is a really important place for a bookworm. Creating a reading nook is like creating a bedroom without getting too comfortable to sleep. The best reading nook is the one that can give you the comfort to sit


Awesome Home Library Shelving Ideas for Your Home

home library shelving grey white Saarinen large womb chair square room glass table small ottoman corner glass window

You can add a home library in your a home if you like reading. A home library is an optional area for some people. But if you like reading, you may think that it is a required area in your