Small and Compact Spot to Dine at Home

white table mounted on the wall, wooden stools, white pendant, wooden floor, silver cabinet

Small space is always a challenge. However, it can be a fun challenge when you know you can overcome it successfully. These ones here are ten pretty tiny spots to dine in the house perfect for you who have small


Small and Clean Dining Table Set for Apartment

white round dining table with several chairs, wooden floor, rattan covered pendant, white wall, white cabinet

In a small apartment, having everything in the right size is important. Sometimes, as it’s too small, it cannot afford a dining place. However, if you’re up for a dining table set, the small, sleek, pretty dining table set can


Great Round Wood Table Top Choices You Need to Know

round wood table top colorful chandelier white eames chairs iron table base wooden floor window bench artwork windows shade colorful pillows

A dining table can vary in many shapes include a round one. A round table with some chairs can offer an enjoyable dining space. It creates a closer gathering and comfortable space. A round table is a smart furniture item


Small Dining Table Ideas for Small Kitchen

white built in kitchen table with white top and legs

When you have a small kitchen, you will have to rethink on what you should and should not bring to your small space. You also have to think when you want to have table even if it’s small because it