Stealing Time to Work in the Small Study

small study, wooden table, white wall, wooden floating shelves, white floor lamp, white wooden chair

Sometimes, we just cannot help it to bring our work home even though we have made sure that work stays at the office. When that happens, we would need a place to work a little bit. If the work you


Decorating Comfy Small Study to Keep You Focus

study, grey floor, floating wooden table with drawer, floating open shelves, wooden window bench, pillows, white pendant

Having comfortable study is a must, especially when your work requires you to sit in a long time. Your back might pain from too long sitting hour, uncomfortable table height, etc. And if your body is in pain, you will


Turning Alcove into a Fabulous Place to Study

light brown wooden study in alcove, upper cabinet, shelves with pink accessories, floating table with drawers, black office chairs

When you have alcove or a limited space between your big and heave furniture, you can use the space and turn it into so many things. If you haven’t got your own space to study or work in your own