Getting Natural Touches in Your Home Office

study, grey floor, dark grey wall, wooden table with shelves



Study in the Modern World

green study desk, acrylic handler and legs, white chair, table lamp

Doing your work at home can have many challenges. At home, you would likely feel so comfortable that sometimes you have some difficulties in concentrate in doing your work or study. However, it is also supposed to be comfortable as


Stealing Time to Work in the Small Study

small study, wooden table, white wall, wooden floating shelves, white floor lamp, white wooden chair

Sometimes, we just cannot help it to bring our work home even though we have made sure that work stays at the office. When that happens, we would need a place to work a little bit. If the work you


Brilliantly Compact Study Table for Small Room

floating table, wooden material, prism shape, opened door, grey wall, black chair, grey flor, grey floor

Study area is really important for those who take their work to home, or those who work from home. The setting of a study area should be comfortable enough without making you lose your focus on your work or study.