Making Interesting Back Room to Welcome You from the Back Door

sunroom, brown floor tiles, white wooden wall, white wooden ceiling, chandelier, rattan chair, white wooden framed window, white wooden door

If you have two entrances, front and back, you might think that the back door is not really important. Well, you have no one to impress, because the guests likely would come in from the front door. However, having a


Enjoying the Warmth of the Sun in the Sunroom

sunroom, white wooden wall, rattan chair, wooden coffee table, white shade, chandelier

Sunroom is a place where you can enjoy your conversation with your friends and family. It is a place like living room but with more glass on the window or wall. You would be able to enjoy the warmth with


Eating In with the Beautiful Out View

dining room, wooden floor, wooden dining table, white chairs,white wall, stools

Eating out has been a great chance for people to get fresh view, to get out from the house and breathe fresh air. However, that can also be done at home. If you love outside view or you live in


Having Dinner Out in Your Own Sunroom

sunroom with amazing glass ceiling, wall, nude tiles, nude wooden dining set, ceiling fan

Sunroom has been many people’s favorite place in the house. With its glass window that enable you to enjoy your outdoor surrounding, it’s like bringing the outdoor to your indoor. And that’s why sunroom is usually favorite place to enjoy


Charming Small Sun Room to Enjoy the Season

a circle sun room with large windows circled the room, plants curtain, lamp, wooden foldable chairs

A room with large glass windows and great ventilation is what we need to enjoy the season, especially those who live in a country with four season. Each season brings its own characteristics and it’s always beautiful to be able


Fabulous Furniture for Sunrooms Ideas

furniture for sunrooms rattan tray navy blue sofa royal upholstered chair glass ceiling glass window and door

Furniture is a main part in arranging a room. A sunroom is a room that allows us to enjoy the surrounding landscape. Usually, people make a screened sunroom to get the maximum of the natural lighting. Even some people make


The Most Proper Room to Enjoy the Best Light and Breeze of the Year

sunroom with ceiling fan, two rattan table sets with green cushion, green wooden cabinet, wooden coffee table

When you live in a place when summer is not really hot enough to be called summer you will need sunroom in your home. Or if you just love to see your surrounding better because you have a great view