Creating Bright Spaces with Windows in the Bedroom

bedroom, wooden floor, white wall, white cabinet, cushions, pillows, white shelves headboard, wooden rattan side table, rattan bag,

Windows in the bedroom can be really beneficial. It can give the room bright light and it will warm the room as well. When the windows are open, fresh air will be free to enjoy. However, not only that, windows


Bright Window Bed Comfortable to Read and Sleep

window, wooden floor, white wall, white wooden built in shelves, white bed, white cushion, blue converter

Window is always a great place to so many activities. It can be a great place to read, it can be a bright place to wake up and have breakfast in, and it can be a place where you talk


Comfortable Addition Seat in the Kitchen

kitchen, grey floor, white wall, white cabinet, wooden counter top, wooden backsplash

Having a beautiful window seat is always great. You could read and talk in the seat. And the large glass window will make a the room look bright, fresh and warm. And adding window seat to a kitchen can be


Creating Comfortable Window Seat in Children’s Bedroom

children's bedroom, brown rug, green shelves, green framed window, green cupboard, rattan pendant, orange flower pattern wall

Creating comfort and warmth in the children’s bedroom can be done by adding some plushy furniture or creating more places to sit. These ones below create comfort by adding window seat in the bedrooms. By the addition of seating, the


Enjoying Quality Time in Beautiful and Comfortable Window Seat

window seat, white bilt in bench with drawers, brown cushion, white built in shelves, white sconce

Having window seat is a luxury. It is the beauty of the bright seating near the window that sends in comfort and warmth. With large glass window, seats near the window will be bright and fresh at noon and it


Relaxing Window Bays that Help You with All the Bright Spirit

white window seat, wide round table, blue cushion, pillows, wooden floor, white storage, grey sofa, grey bench

Having window bay or window nook can be a really exciting thing. With window nook, it means that we have enough large window and that also means that we get enough light to shine in the room and bring warmth


Brilliant and Creative Study Area by the Window Nook

wooden study by the window, white built in window seat with colorful striped cushion, wooden accent, white chair

Window nook has been used to many different functions. It depends on where the windows are located. When windows are located on the kitchen, it might become dining nook but when it is located on the bedroom, it might become


Gorgeous Adornments in the House with Window Seats

window seat, low and large window, wooden planks layered, wooden ceiling, narrow shelves on the side

Window seats have been used in the house since so long time ago. The reason is more than because of it’s pretty. It is practical and comfortable. Having window seat usually means you have large windows and that means better


Impressive Indoor Seating Cushions For Your Beloved Home

indoor seating cushions colorful cushions wheeled wooden coffee table colorful pillows glass floor to ceiling windows skylight

Creating a seating space with a comfortable seat is a good way to make the activity in your home more enjoyable. You can gather with your family, welcome the guests, and other things to do while seating comfortably. The good


Cool Roll Up Window Shade Ideas You Can Get

roll up window shade floor lamp grey sectional sofa colorful throw pillows area rug glass cocktail tables fireplace armchair side table

A window shade is a nice minimalist window treatment you can use to cover the window nicely. There are many different kinds of window shades which also may use a variety of control systems. Roll up window shades are the