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contemporary teal and gray bedding with two coordinating standard shams and euro shams and three embellished decorative pillows Houzz

Simple Modern Teal Bedding
Contemporary Teal And Gray Bedding With Two Coordinating Standard Shams And Euro Shams And Three Embellished Decorative Pillows
Contemporary Teal And Gray Bedding With One Love Pillow In Teal And Five Pillows And One Rose Pillow And Fluffy Teal Covers
Traditional Classic Turquoise Bed With Beautiful Duvet
Simple Gray And Teal Dandelion Bedding
Beach Style Teal And Gray Bedding With White Twill Flange And A Seafoam Green And Blue Diamond Print
Teal Bedding With Rose Pilow And Two Standard Pillows And Tufted Leather Bed
Contemporary Teal And Gray Bedding With Pattern And One Light Green Pillow
Traditonal Classic Teal And Gray Bedding With Grey And Patterned Pillows
Mediterranean Teal And Grey Brown Bedding With Comforter And Teal Pillows

Everyone will love to have their bedroom to be the most comfortable room in the house. It’s simply because bedroom is the most private room where the owner of the room can do whatever they like. That is why the decoration option of bedroom can be really personal although almost anyone likes to have bedroom with warm bed. As there are so many options on color, liking the color of teal and gray is easy because these two colors reflects warm and comfort. Some of the options that you can have if you considering having teal and gray bedding are below.

Grand Teal and Gray Bedding

This option number is really elegant and grandeur. The bedding leaves a mark of excellence. It looks expensive. The color gray is not flat but with a hint of brown. It balances the soft teal it is combined with. However, the one thing that makes it look expensive is the pillow case as it is made with great care; the accent enunciates details.

Feminine Teal and Gray Bedding

This one is perfect for those who love to decorate the room into comfortable feminine way. The pillow is in the color of white that will balance the color of teal and gray of the bedding and comforter.

Strong Shocking Green

This one is really interesting. With the bedding which is green-gray color, it gives it a strong color of green that will enlighten the flatness of the color.

Fresh Green and Gray

Although the color is really fresh and it might remind you of the freshness of beach, the pattern itself will remind you of Mediterranean pattern. The color is both warm and fresh.

Soft Green and Gray Bedding

No one can’t refuse to say that this one is really soft. The teal color is really soft and it gives a hint of gray. It is perfect for you who like to go soft for your relaxing sleep.

All Green Bedding and Room

One word to describe this: grandeur. Well, it’s all so well-planned that the bedding is matched in color and pattern with the room. But if you want to talk only about the bedding, you might still say that the teal color on the bedding is rich. The pattern makes it more expensive as the gray feeling is the silver lines on the pattern.

Simplest Teal Bedding

Compared to those mentioned before, you will agree that this one is probably the simplest. However, it doesn’t mean it’s the most boring. When you had a hard day, simplicity will make you less tired and that why this simple bedding might be perfect for you.

Mediterranean Touch

The pattern in this bedding is really fancy. It’s full you can’t see empty space on the pattern. With its brown accent, the bedding seems really warm.

Traditional Teal and Gray Bedding

To those who like traditional style, you will love this one because it’s really simple and soft in the color. The pattern is simple too.

Teal Dandelion Bedding

This one is although mostly in gray, it has the bravery. The teal dandelion is bold that your focus might be the dandelion. It’s for you who love strong accent.

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