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teen bedroom, brown natural wooden platform, sliding table under the platform, shelves under the platform, hammock, white bed platform bed on top My Domaine

Girl Teen Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, White Floating Table, White Modern Office Chair, White Wooden Shelves As Headboard, Small White Bed Platform, Flower Wallpaper, Chandelier
Teen Room, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Plank Wall, Shelves On One Side Of The Wall With Boxes At The Bottom
Girl Teen Bedroom, White Wooden Platform, Display Shelves, Hammock, White Table And Chair
Small Bedroom For Teen Boy, Navy Statement Wall With Floating Shelves, White Pendant, Wooden Floor, Rug, Black Basket, TV
Girl Teen Ebdroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wainscoting, Floating Glass Table, White Modern Chair, White Floating Shelves With LED Light, Pink Box, Blue Bed Platform
Girl Teens Bedroom, Grey Rug, Two Beds, Shelves On The Headboard, Table In The Middle
Teen Bedroom, Brown Natural Wooden Platform, Sliding Table Under The Platform, Shelves Under The Platform, Hammock, White Bed Platform Bed On Top
Teen Bedroom, White Wide Platform, White Shelves Along Windows Shape, Wooden Floor, Storage Under The Platform
Teen Boys Room, Grey Wall, Grey Rug, Dark Bed Platform, Orange Blanket And Pillows, Window, Side Table
Teen Boy Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Rail, Blue Bedding, Grey Statement Wall With Window, Wooden Table Black Chair, Black Rug

Teenagers are busy bodies. They love to go outside with their friends and explore the world. However, sometimes they love to invite their friends home too, especially when they feel really comfortable for their friends to come and see their life at home. These ten bedrooms will definitely are the bedrooms that they love to show around and make them stay at home longer.

Small and Pretty
For girls, having a pretty bedroom is something that they dream of. This one here brings pretty not only for wide space but also for small space. With small clean bed platform, floating table, and shelves on the bed, the room is left with space enough to move around. The flower wallpaper and chandelier surely brings pretty sight to the room too.

With the Spotlight
Girls tend to love lights. Many has decorated their rooms with fairy light. However, if your girl loves something tidier, LED lights installed in the room can also bring glints without getting too cluttered.

Fresh and Comfortable
Wide windows surely can help a room looks fresh and light, just like seen in the picture below. The wide white platform is neutral and pretty. With hammock near the shelves, it is an amazing place to spend the day reading.

Two Beds for Girls
While a bedroom for a teenage can be problematic, a bedroom for two can be more. However, as longs as the design is beautiful and fair like this one here, it makes it fun for both teenager.

small Boy Room
While the previous ones are for girls, this one here is for a boy with small bedroom. This one here shows simple layout with study table in one side and bed at the end of the room with bright light from the window and deep vibe statement wall.

Small Space
Still with small space, this one here also shows how to arrange things in compact line. Here, the TV and bed are in one line, combined with floating shelves up near the ceiling to make it less cramped. However, although he room looks compact, it allows decoration in the pretty basket =, rug, and pendant.

Unisex Teen Room
This one here can be used both by girl or boy. The neutral wall and bed are a simple choice yet makes the room light. The shelves are shaped according to the layout of the room and thus makes it really save the space.

Two Boys
While there’s one for two girls, this one here is for two boys. The neutral look on the wall and floor brings masculine vibe. However, the warm colors on the bed makes the room more fun and bright for young age.

White Wide Platform
There is an interesting and fun vibe in the wide platform like this one. It likes creating private zone in more solid environment. And this one is completed with white wooden shelves along the window shape near the bed. It is such a great place to spend time reading. The wide windows make the room glows even more.

Compact Platform
Still with bedroom with platform, this one here also shows fun bedroom with making the room has two floors. The separation makes it fun for when it comes to bed time and study time that happens in different floor.

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