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bedroom, white floor rug, pink wall, rattan bed platform, rattan sofa, suitcase side table, white fringe sconce Instagram - Raffaela

Bedroom, White Floor, Rattan Rug, Flowery Accent Wall, White Wall, White Canopy, White Bed Iron Platform, Rattan Chair
Bedroom, Patterned Rug, White Bedding, Wooden Bench, Side Table, Round Pendant, Rattan Headboard
Bedroom, Colorful Patterned Rug, White Wall, Fringe Leaves Decoratioin, Plants, Bench, Bed, Round Mirror
Bedroom, Soft Colorful Rug, Blue Wall, Leaves Headboard, White Shells Pendant, Side Table
Bedroom, White Wall, White Bed, Rattan Pendant, Mirror, White Modern Chair, White Woven Ottoman
Bedroom, Woodenf Loor, White Wooden Make Up Table, Wooden Rattan Stool, Flowery Wallpaper, Rattan Pendant, White Floating Shelves
Bedroom, Pink Rug, Rattan Side Table, White Bed, Orange Pillow, Mirror
Bedroom, Rattan Headboard, Flowery Bedding, Whtie Side Table, White Wooden Floor
Bedroom, White Rug, Patterned Rug, White Bed Frame, Rattan Side Table, Whtie Cabinet, Wooden Table
Bedroom, White Floor Rug, Pink Wall, Rattan Bed Platform, Rattan Sofa, Suitcase Side Table, White Fringe Sconce

There are so many ways to create a comfortable bedroom. But that would mean the preference of the bedroom owner to state what is beautiful and comfortable for them. If you love bohemian theme in your bedroom, you would love the compilation below. This compilation shows how bohemian style can look amazing both in the rooms with so many or with less bohemian details. It can be strong or it can be quite minimalist.

Pink Shade
In this bohemian bedroom, the room is decorated in nice white and pink combination that makes the room look so sweet and soft. The natural rattan accents make the room even softer and more amazing. The white bed frame here is a great invitation to make the room looks prettier with canopy.

Lines and Flower
This beautiful bedroom makes a soft and warm ambiance with soft shade on the bed and strong lines on the accent wall and headboard. This is strengthened by the lines on the side table and the details on the rug and pendant. The flower on the wall puts a pretty final touch.

Rattan Flower
This bedroom looks comfortable with easy setting. The bed is low with interesting rattan flower on the headboard. And it is completed with white iron side table with beautiful details. Putting on more details on the bedding makes the room even merrier.

Small and Comfortable
For you who have limited space but you want to decorate it with bohemian look, you might want to decorate it with mild looking accessories and soft colors, like this one. It successfully makes the room looks soft and sweet while still giving bohemian look on the plant, side table, and the soft patterned rug.

Strong Blue
This one here has a nice modern look with strong blue accent wall. This is prettified with high contrast of white bedding and lighting fixture. The bedding itself has a nice natural touch on the headboard that brings out a dramatic effect on the wall.

Pretty Flower
As bohemian look is related closely with natural accents, you can add flowers on the wall to make a strong bohemian look. This one here puts a beautiful touch with the flowers on the wall beside adding white make up table with beautiful details and rattan stool.

Bright and Neutral
This pretty bedroom gives out a really nice ambiance with soft and bright complexion. The plants and rattan pendants in this room rock the natural and bohemian look out of it even though the room is quite minimalist.

Bohemian in Traditional Room
This traditional bedroom brings out bohemian look in so many places. The flower wallpaper, the canopy, the rattan chair, decoration, and the rattan rug make the room looks amazing.

Colorful Bohemian
This colorful bohemian room brings out fun and cheerful note. The patterned rug and the colorful pillows look matching while the natural part of the bedroom brings warm and fresh to the space.

Rattan Furniture
Rattan can help you room look warm while building the bohemian look as well. This one here puts the rattan on the bed, sofa, cabinet and give a pretty touch of fringe fixture on the side.

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