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ocean bathoom, purple floor, mosaic tiles on ceiling wall depicts ocean, yellow tub, golden submarine tool, purple vanity Pinterest

Coastal Bathroom, Tiny Mosaics On Gradation Of Light Brown, Deep Blue, Tosca
Ocean Bathoom, Purple Floor, Mosaic Tiles On Ceiling Wall Depicts Ocean, Yellow Tub, Golden Submarine Tool, Purple Vanity
Bathroom, Blue Wall, Wooden Wall, White Sink, White Toilet With Cover, Shark Wall Decoration, Net, Wall Painting, Mirror
Disney Bathroom With Ariel Wallpaper, Tosca Shelves And Vanity Top, Neo And Dory Wall On Tub, Beige Tiles, Wooden Wall, White Tub, White Toilet
Blue Abthroom, Blue Tiny Tiles On The Tub, White Inside Tub, Blue Tiny Mosaic On Tub Area, Wooden Cabinet, White Sink
Coastal Bathroom, Blue Wall, Mural Wall, Blue Tub With Sands And Beach Accessories, Sandy Brown Floor, Shower
Coastal Bathroom, White Wall, White Tiles Backsplash, Beige Floor, Mermaid Drawing Tiles On The Floor, White Sink, Mirror, Octopus Drawing On The Tub, Sea Water Drawing On The Ceiling
Blue Cob Bathroom, Marmer Round Sink, Sconces, Shell Drawing On Shower Area
Bathroom, Mural Of Underwater, White Toilet, White Cabinet Wth Diamond Top, White Sink, Windows As Submarine, Mirror
Coastal Bathroom, Blue Wooden Wall With Shelves The Entire Wall, Shells And Starfishes On The Entire Wall, White Tub, White Chairs, Black Stool

Beach or coastal theme is always fun to look at, let alone to have it. However, between those theme, there are bathroom looks that do it really seriously that people will never mistake the theme at first glance. Here below are ten serious ocean themed rooms that either will make you fall in love or blow your mind.

Shells All Over
Blue has always been a favorite color choice from people who want to decorate with beach theme. This one too uses baby blue to paint the wooden wall with shelves all over the wall. However, that is not the clear sign of beach theme. It’s the shells and the starfishes on the entire wall.

Not-So-Baby Shark
Adding a strong accessories that will change the entire game is seen here. While it has blue wall, wooden wall, and beach themed painting, the strongest accent that makes this one looks so bold is the shark’s head that is installed like it tried to break through the wall.

Underwater View
In one glance, it is so easy to tell that this one here has ocean theme in the bathroom. With mural wall like the underwater, it is so hard to misinterpret the theme. It even has real sand on the tub to give more evidence.

Under the Sea
For those who love Disney characters, this one here might be perfect for you. It does not only have ocean theme, but also some characters on the wall. IT is perfect for a girl’s bathroom.

Fun Submarine
This one does not only cover the wall and the ceiling with the blue water of the sea but also using the small windows on top of the toilet to be the windows from a submarine. It looks fun and joyful.

Under the Surface
Decorating in lighter and brighter color than the previous ones, this one depicts the bathroom under the surface of the sea with ceiling panted like how the sea surface seen from under water. The tub too has shown an artistic displays of octopus along with mermaid on the floor.

Cob Sea
Like the previous ones, this one here obviously has a strong display of ocean theme. However, unlike the rest, this one here built with cob. With blue paint, the room is colored on the wall. A big shell is painted on the shower wall too.

Mosaic Wall
Mosaic has always looked so beautiful with its tiny details. The light will look stunning going through the surface and the room will look bright. Seen here is a bathroom with mosaic tiles on the shower wall only. However, that has made it look gorgeous. The mosaic tiles look like sea foams.

Seriously Mosaic Sea
While many people acquire blue look from paint, this one here get it from the mosaic tiles that cover the entire wall and ceiling. Not only the blue color but also all the fishes, turtles, and other animals. Shone with yellow light, it looks amazingly impressive. The yellow tub even has tools like a submarine. It is beautiful and fun too.

Millions of Tiny Mosaic
This one here is also a seriously stunning looking of ocean bathroom. However, instead of bringing all the animals inside the bathroom, this one focuses only the beauty of the sea waves that come and go to the coast.

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