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Open Room, Wooden Floor, Terracotta Wal, Brown Sofa, Round Coffee Table With Glass Top, Terracotta Island With White Marble, White Shair
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Beige Rug, Light Wooden Dining Set With Pink Cushion, Light Wooden Cabinet, Side Table, Plants, Pink Terracotta Accent Wall
Dining Room, Orange Wall, Brown Floor Tile, Dark Wooden Dining Table Set, Rattan Round Cover Pendant
Dining Room, Light Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Light Brown Wooden Cabinet, Table Lamp, Wooden Round Dining Table, Rattan Chair
Dining Room, Black Dining Set With White Chair, Copper Pendant, Pink Terracotta Wall, Shelves
Dining Room, Brown Terracotta Wall, Wooden Floor, Wooden Dining Table Set, Brown Rug, White Covered Chandelier
Dining Room, Pink Wall, Floating Shelves, Wooden Chair, Black Pendant
Dining Room, Orange Wall, Molding In The Middle, Black Wooden Dining Table Set, Marble Chandelier, Black Cabinet
Dining Room, White Wall, Light Grey Terracotta Wall, Light Wooden Dining Table Set, Brown Cone Pendant, Wooden Bench
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Light Wooden Rectangualar Table, Black Bench, Chairs, Black Cover Pendant, Round Mirror, White Ceiling

Terracotta vibe has always been warm and earthy. It is a great color to engulf the dining room look sometimes. It’s like wrapping the room in this warm and comfortable cocoon. With the right items, the warmth in the dining room will be maintained well. The traditional, old, familiar feeling will come to you and your family. And here below are some warm.

Thanksgiving Look
Well, terracotta look is closely similar with Thanksgiving look. So, if you love the warmth in thanksgiving and like to make it stay longer, orange wall is one of the key. The wooden material on the furniture plays a great role too, as well as the traditional marble chandelier.

With Modern Hint
This one here has a quite strong vibe of warm dining room with wooden floor, wooden dining set, white cover chandelier, and the warm orange wall. The wainscoting on the wall also brings the traditional look. However, to make it has a little bit of modern look, a white covered chandelier hung on the room.

Terracotta Accent
The warmth in terracotta does not always have to be in the traditional and warm dining room. It can be added in the minimalist modern inspired room, like this one here. The light wooden dining table set and the cabinet have sleek and clean lines that bring out modern look. And the terracotta accent wall does not give too much warmth that it still in line with the stark look.

Light Warmth
Adding terracotta in the light and natural look can be interesting. In this picture below, the warm terracotta accent wall balances the light and ashen look of the natural material in the room. The pink table clothe and pillow put a sweet note for the room.

In Open Room
In an open room, instead of painting in all in white just like what’s commonly done, paint the room in muted terracotta can also bring the modern feeling. Plus, it also brings out the interesting hue too. It goes well with warm material like wood and cloth.

Warmest Orange
Similar to one of the aforementioned, this one here uses dark orange to give the warmest look on the dining room. The old looking tiles on the floor is a great balance that helps the room looks even warmer.

Pink Terracotta
As one color can have so many level, this one here shows how terracotta and pink are mixed and used together beautifully. The natural and minimalist look of the wooden floor and dining set blend well. The texture combination on all items, including the lamp, feels completed.

Copper Accent
Similar to the previous one, this one also depicts a stunning mix of pink and terracotta. ANd not only that, in this modern vibe room, the copper pendant looks blending as well as pronounced.

Ashen Earth
Going more modern, this one here shows how soft beige terracotta can bring the earthy vibe to the room, combined with dining set, pendant, and bench.

Eclectic Honey
An interesting look is shown in the picture below, the combination of many elements, colors, and shapes make the room looks pretty while still manages the warmth note in it.

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