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black terrazzo table, wooden floor, yellow chairs, yellow wall, yellow glass pendant Instagram - Miki

Grey Terrazzo Kitchen Wall, Floating Shelves, Grey Counter Top, White Bottom Cabinet
White Terrazzo Wall, Pink White Stripe Floor, Pink Chair, Wooden Round Stool
White Terrazzo Marble On The Wall, Pink Sofa, Cream Rug, Tray Coffee Tables, Geometrical Chandelier
White Terrazzo Marble On The Wall, Pink Chair, Black Chair, White Coffee Table, White Pendant, Grey Door, Wooden Floor
White Terrazzo Marble On The Wall, White Study Table, White Wooden Chair, White Floating Shelves, White Rug
Black Terrazzo Marble With Colorful Flocks, Mint Green Cabinet
White Terrazzo Marble On The Wall, White Wooden Floor, Brown Wooden Chair, Golden Pendant, White Bedding
Black Terrazzo Marble Island, Wooden Accent Wall, White Wall, Black Chairs, Wooden Bench With Brown Cushion
Black Terrazzo Marble Backsplash, Black Floating Shelves, Black Counter Top, Black Terrazzo Marble Bowl Sink
Black Terrazzo Table, Wooden Floor, Yellow Chairs, Yellow Wall, Yellow Glass Pendant

Terrazzo marble has the cheerful details on the surface that can make a room looks fun and bright. Bringing this bright notion into the room can be really inviting especially if you think you room needs something cheerful to make it more comfortable. These below are stunning uses of terrazzo marble that will lead you to many more ideas to create in your home, from the monochrome to the colorful ones.

Study Terrazzo
In this study room, terrazzo wall is perfect for those who love to bring in some cheerful note to the serious area. For the serious tone, white study table and chair are ready to use. This is a nice balance for the study area.

Cheer Up the Living Room
With its pretty and fun details, terrazzo marble is also good for a living room. This one here puts a nice example to show how a neutral and modern living room can turn into a fun and cheerful living room.

On the Patio
Having terrazzo marble on the outside wall can be really refreshing as well. It would be the enjoyment for those outside, enjoying the patio. The setting below can be a hint of indication of how pretty it can be.

Kid’s Bedroom
With its fun and cheerful colors the terrazzo can provide, it is perfect for kid’s bedroom. Seen in this one, it is so easy to create a neutral yet fun notion around the toys.

For Bedroom
Although the details can be really complicated and colorful, some terrazzo put calming and relaxing colors combination that will be perfect for bedroom. If your bedroom is simple and minimalist yet you want something fun details, terrazzo pattern is the answer.

Black in the Kitchen
While terrazzo often look colorful and fun, this one here puts a darker and deeper mood. Installed as backsplash in the kitchen, black terrazzo marble has the bold character with white flocks details.

Grey in the Kitchen
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts terrazzo in the kitchen. With monochrome grey look, this one puts a neutral ambiance in the kitchen. The counter top and the floating shelves strengthen the minimalist setting.

Contrast Kitchen
In this kitchen, black terrazzo marble looks bolder combined with colorful flock details. Together with mint green cabinet, this terrazzo marble looks even bolder. While the mint cabinet puts a soft feeling, the black terrazzo puts a bolder and stronger center in the kitchen.

Terrazzo Table
This black terrazzo table puts an interesting center in this warm dining room with mustard ambiance on the floor, wall and chair. This black table looks bold but with more fun colorful details.

Black Terrazzo Island
Still in the kitchen, black terrazzo puts an interesting bold center in the neutral environment. This terrazzo with colorful flocks looks amazing as kitchen island. The black chairs blend perfectly well with the black island.

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