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bathroom wih grey floor, grey wall, white wall, white terrazzo accent wall, mirror, grey floating vanity with black sink My Paradissi

Bathroom, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Terrazzo Accent Wall, Grey Lattice Accent Wall
Bathroom Wih Grey Floor, Grey Wall, White Wall, White Terrazzo Accent Wall, Mirror, Grey Floating Vanity With Black Sink
Wooden Floating Vanity With White Sink, White Terrazzo Wall, Mirror, White Tub
Bathroom White Terrazzo Tiles On Floor And Wall, Shelvs Vanity In Grey, Blue Accent Wall, Mirror
Vanity With Muted Green Basin, Black Floating Shelves, Black Faucet, Round Mirror, Green Terrazzo Wall
Shower Wall In White Terrazzo With Black Shower
Bathroom With Terrazzo Floor, Grey Wall, Terrazzo Sink And Wall, Mirror
Vanity With Warm Orange Terrazzo Wall, White Sink, Round Mirror, Pendant
Bathroom With White Terrazzo On Floor And Wall, Woodne Floating Vanity With Black Round Sink, Built In Shelves, Mirror Storage
Bathroom With Grey Floor, White Terrazzo Wall, White Tub, Black Floating Shelves, Black Faucet, Muted Green Stool

Although terrazzo has been a trend some years ago, it does not mean its popularity decline so much. On the contrary, it is making a comeback, stronger than ever. The beauty and merriment in this tile has been long lasting that when you look at it, it would be still a pretty sight. As there several different material poured in terrazzo, it makes terrazzo tiles look attractive. And below are some appealing look of terrazzo tiles used in bathroom.


Freshly Green

As terrazzo can come in many different color, it is understandable to get the one that you need the most. With this terrazzo, the bathroom will look beautiful and soft.


On Floor and Wall

As terrazzo does not have smooth surface due to the materials, it is a great choice to be the floor of a bathroom. It will offer anti slip feature. And with its interesting look, combine with minimalist style looks makes sense on terrazzo.


Terrazzo Accent

Similar to the previous one, here, terrazzo is also used on the floor to create secure steps. Also, the soft colored terrazzo is used in the sink as well as the wall in sink area that makes it a beautiful accent to the bathroom.


Bubbly Accent 

As terrazzo can have many materials inside along with several color from the material, it can be really cheerful. For a grey or white room, terrazzo would be a great thing to add if the room needs lively ambiance.


Tiny Terrazzo

While one terrazzo can look like it has big confetti, it can also look like it is with tiny confetti. This one here is with tiny confetti and it looks another white color with interesting pieces. This interesting terrazzo has supported the white tub to look brighter.


Soft Terrazzo Look

Although terrazzo seems like boisterous piece of arts, it can actually look calm too. here in the picture is a bathroom with grey floor and white terrazzo walls that look calm and appealing as it combined with white tub and muted green stool.


Terrazzo on Shower

Having terrazzo on bathroom has looked wonderful so far. It makes a place with humid problem and sometimes dingy looks fresh and fancy. This one here also depicts how gorgeous a shower area is with terrazzo installed.


A Little Cheerful Thing

As terrazzo can include many colors, it is easy to make even a grey room looks energized with terrazzo. In this one, even though terrazzo is only used on small part of the room, it already brightens the bathroom.


Warm Terrazzo

This one here shows that terrazzo can complete the look with anything. In this orange terrazzo, warmth and elegance is shown altogether.


All Terrazzo

This beautiful bathroom has installed terrazzo both in the floor and wall so beautifully. Its white color looks pure but with some hue coming from the confetti. Combined with white toilet and wooden shelves, it looks perfectly well balanced with the black sink and shelves.

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