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blue textured throw pillow with elephant doll sewed Houzz

Cream Textured Throw Pillow With Satin Ribbon
Golden Scale Textured Throw Pillow
Blue Textured Throw Pillow With Elephant Doll Sewed
Blue Lamb Fur Textured Throw Pillow
Blue Art Silk Textured Throw Pillow
Mediterranean Orange Heavily Embroidered Textured Throw Pillow
Blue Art Silk Textured Throw Pillow With Diamond Map
Silky Textured Throw Pillow With Silvery White And Pale Sky Blue Ribbons
Champagne Colored Textured Throw Pillow With Diamond Accentuated
White Textured Throw Pillow With Purple Leaf Design

Having a comfortable living room is probably one of the best things you can do for your family and friends. Sometimes little details add a really nice change. Therefore you should not forget about the pillows that will not only function as a support when you sit or sleep but also as a nice decorative touch to everything that you have done to your room. Pillows can make great difference to the room. If you have gone pale or earthy, you can add bright or white pillows with accent that you like. One of the pillows that you can try is textured throw pillow which has unique texture in the surface when you touch them. Here are some ideas to bring your room the best out of it.

White Pillow with Blue Pattern

Here is for your room which needs to brighten. With its white and pretty simple accent of purple leaves, the room will look fresh

Creamy Silk Ribbon

This one is really pretty to be put to your room. It will catch all the bad things away and your friends and family will focus on the white silk ribbon surface that is well aligned on the surface.

Champagne with Blue Diamond

This one is simply gorgeous! With its luxurious champagne color and the diamond tufted on the surface, it makes the pillow grand.

Blue Silk Ribbon

With this silk pillow, you can add elegance to your room. In the middle of it, there is a line of silk ribbon artistically arranged.

Blue Silk Pillow with Golden Diamond

In this one, you can have both soft surface to touch and golden diamonds easy to look at. Put it in your sofa that matches its luxurious.

Mediterranean Pillow

One of the best things about this pillow is that it gives you the feel of Mediterranean in one look. The orange color will brighten your room. And the artistic embroidery will make sure that it is really pretty.

Silky Ribbon Foliage

When you touch this one, it probably will remind you of Elmo with the texture and despite of its blue silvery white color. However, when you think the texture is similar, it is actually have softer texture as it is silk.

Golden Brown Scales

This one is really unique with its golden brown scales. It can help you brighten the room with distinctive accessory.

Blue Lamb Fur

The best thing about this one is that it is so soft you feel like to sleep on it! With its blue color, it gives you even warmer feeling.

Elephant Adorned Pillow

This one is for you who have child or who will be visited by children in the future. The blue pillow with elephant doll emerged from it will add cuteness in your room.

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