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Kitchen, Red Wooden Cabinet And Shelves, Grey Marble Top, Wooden Floor,
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Brown Wall, Green Cabinet, Green Island, Silver Hood, White Framed Window, Whie Stool, Pendants
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Yellow Cabinet, Yellow Shelves, Wooden Island White Top, Grey Marble Top, White Pendant
Kitchen, White Marble Top, Green Wooden Cabinet And Cupboard, White Wall, White Wooden Ceiling And Beams, White Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, Wooden Top, Purple Wooden Island, White Pendants, White Rattan Stools
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Pink Wooden Island Cabinet, White Wall, White Nook For Stove, Marble Top, Window, White Cabinet
Kitchen, Brown Floor, Green Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Wall, White Wooden Corner Shelves, Window Nook, Green Curtain
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Pendant, Yellow Wooden Island, Yellow Bottom Cabinet, Black Top, Wooden Top, Black Yellow Framed Window, Black Stool
Kitchen, White Wooden Floor, Lilac Wooden Wall, Purple Wooden Cabinet, Blue Marble Top, Lfoating Shelves, Grey Apron Sink
Kitchen, Green Blue Squares Floor Tiles, White Wall, Vaulted Ceiling, Golden Sconces, Window Nook, Built In Shelves, White Cabinet

When you decorate your kitchen in traditional look, you can get into an old look. While some love getting old and classic look, some other might love fresh and bright ambiance. For those who love bright look, you can decorate your traditional kitchen with bright and fresh note. This can be done by adding windows and putting beautiful colors that brings fun combination. If you are looking for some ideas to start prettify the kitchen, here below is a compilation of bright traditional kitchens you can get some inspirations from.

Fresh Green
This kitchen looks so warm and fresh. You can see yourself sitting on the window nook while taking some rest from cooking. This kitchen does not only offer you that but it also offers you fresh look from the green painted cabinet and large window where air flows the best way. The white corner floating shelves makes the space efficient.

Warm Red
This warm kitchen makes a strong and warm look with the red painted cabinet. This kitchen puts red color on the bottom and upper cabinet and shelves and combine it with neutral grey marble top and white apron sink. The traditional details seen in the cabinet, shelves, apron, even the window.

Fresh Muted Green
This traditional kitchen puts muted color in the space and make the kitchen look more modern. The muted green cabinet and floating upper cabinet with glass door. The combination with white wall and wooden ceiling create a more modern and light look in the usually-heavy looking traditional kitchen.

Purple Island
Traditional kitchen in this one below looks fresh and amazing with its window on the wall and ceiling. This makes bright light comes through for the kitchen with white kitchen with interesting purple island in the middle. And this makes the white rattan stools match the kitchen while contrast the purple island.

Warm Yellow
Kitchen in this one puts a warm yellow and create a fun and pretty-looking traditional kitchen. With grey top and apron sink, the kitchen makes a unique and interesting detail.

Colorfully Warm
This kitchen is so gorgeous. The vaulted ceiling and the high sconces on the ceiling makes it pretty already. Completed with patterned floor, decoration, built-in shelves on the side of window nook, and warm red on the island table, it’s all perfect. The bright light from the large window gives fun in the kitchen.

Soft Purple
Lilac is always so sweet and unique. Although it is not a popular color in traditional look, this kitchen pulls it out perfectly beautiful. This light purple look is combined with neutral grey and white framed.

Pink Island
Creating a sweet traditional kitchen can be done with sweet pink look, like this one. The pink island in the middle gives a blushed look in this warm traditional space.

Green Green Fresh
This is another green traditional kitchen that looks so fresh and strong. Contrasted the neutral brown wall, the green cabinet and island makes a wonderful combination of traditional, warm, open, and neutral note.

Soft Yellow
Although yellow is a bright and bold color, this one here puts yellow in a mild and soft look that brings out the best ambiance for traditional look. The floating shelves and the cabinets make a strong traditional touches while the soft yellow color gives a gorgeous ambiance.

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