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powder room, golden wallpaper accent wall, mirror framed mirror, golden table vanity with details, marbled top, sconces Causa Design

Powder Room, Navy Wall, Classic Pictures On The Wall, Stone Cement Sink, Copper Framed Mirror, Glass Pendants, Table
Powder Room, White Wall, Blue Stone Statement Wall, Wooden Slab Floating Vanity, White Sink, Round Mirror, Pendant
Powder Room, Green Wallpaper, Golden Framed Mirror, Shell Shaped Sink With Golden Faucet
Powder Room, Golden Wallpaper Accent Wall, Mirror Framed Mirror, Golden Table Vanity With Details, Marbled Top, Sconces
Powder Room, Navy Wall, White Marble Floor, White Sink, Silver Sconce, Silver Framed Mirror
Powder Room, Brown Wall Tiles, Cemented Floating Sink, Wooden Shelves Under, Wooden Framed Round Mirror
Powder Room, Red Wall, Patterned Wall Tiles, Rattan Vanity, White Sink, Mirror
Powder Room, Beige Floor, Tiny Brown Wall Tiles, Orange Wall Tiles, Framed Mirror, Green Floating Sink, Sconce,
Powder Room, White Floor Tiles, White Wall, Black Accent Wall, White Sink, White Sconces, Painted Mirror
Powder Room, Wallpaper, Wooden Frame Round Mirror, White Floating Sink, Silver Faucet

Small rooms in your house under the stairs or near the living room where you don’t know what to do can work magic. It can be used for storage, of course, but if you want to add easiness in the living room, especially if your house is quite spacious and the bathroom or toilet is quite far, adding a powder room is a great choice you can do. These below are ten beautiful powder room that can give you some inspiration you need for your powder room.

Stone Wall
Although powder room is commonly small, it does not mean that you cannot decorate it freely. This one here shows how even a small room can offer simplicity but with great details. The accent wall is simple but he stones are arranged so tidy that it gives texture and interesting touch. The wooden floating vanity supports the natural look the stones show.

Little Rustic
For those who love rustic theme, this one here allows you to add natural accent in shelves, mirror and the sink. Combined together, it all looks minimalist and rustic.

Painting the Room
Decorating a room with minimalist material does not always mean that it would look minimalist. This one here successfully decorate the room in white and black colors with so little furniture. Yet, the painting on the wall creates the room in 2D that it adds decorative touch and completes the look.

Nautical Small Room
Because powder room is commonly small, it is easy to put a distinctive thing and makes it the center of attention. This one here uses shell shaped sink to makes the whole small room livelier and more interesting.

Golden Accent
Small room can contain elegance too. This one here shows that golden wallpaper or tiles can help the room to get elegance. Completed with golden vanity table with great details, golden sconce, chandelier, and mirror, the glints that reflect the light makes the room even more elegant.

Silver Elegance
This one here also put elegance in the small room. The dark blue wall makes the silvery sconces and mirror looks pronounced and the lights reflected from the sconces gives a dramatic effect.

Classic Powder Room
This powder room enhance the room with antique look. The white cement sink looks pretty among the dark wall with classic pictures. The copper framed mirror gives calm and the pendants support the ancient look.

Warm and Elegant
This one shows an elegant powder room with warm look. The orange wall looks so earthy combined with the brown accent. The details on the mirror frame and the floating sink puts an ancient touch.

Bold Red
Small room can easily makes a bold statement because of its space. This one here uses red wall and add patterned tiles as accent wall that it makes the small room looks so bold.

Gold Accent
Installing wallpaper is probably one of the easiest ways to decorating small room like powder room. With wallpaper, the accent or images will look more pronounced.

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