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brown wooden shelves, white wall, ceiling mounted, hite marble floor, white sofa, brown ottoman, brown rug Crunch Home

Golden Metal Shelves With Glass Support
Thin Metal Floating Shelves, Black Rug, Black Screen
Wall Mounted Shelves, Wooden Boards, Grey Metal Support, TV Above Fireplace, White Wall, Wooden Board, Black Sconces
Black Metal Shelves, Brown Wall, Brown Wooden Box, Large On The Wall, Black Chair, Grey Sofa
Golden Floating Shelves With Whte Floating Shelves Under
Golden Yellow Metal Shelves With Glass Board, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, White Stool
Thin Wooden Shelves, White Wall, White Stairs,
Brown Wooden Shelves, White Wall, Ceiling Mounted, Hite Marble Floor, White Sofa, Brown Ottoman, Brown Rug
Brown Wall, Thin Wooden Ceiling Mounted Shelves, On The Window
Thin Wooden Shelves, Grey Wall, Grey Seamless Floor, Grey Marble Table, Brown Leather Chair, White Lantern

Thin and slim looking shelves would make a room with shelves feel easy and fresh. Without the sturdy and strong look, any space would brighten up and still has the storage to keep books or accessories. Some of it even can give you a tidy space to put TV screen. If you are looking for some units to bring in light and fresh touches to your living room, you would love the ones below.

Golden Shelves
This one here puts an interesting light shelves with golden metal to support the shelves. The glass that hold the things on the shelves makes a light and clear look. It also makes the shelves feel luxurious.

Small Golden Shelves
Similar to the previous one this one also puts a golden thin shelves in the room and makes the room elegant. The glass and golden colored metal look perfect in the modern and elegant living room like this one.

Thin and Floating
This one here puts a golden and copper floating shelves on the wall and make the room looks brilliant. The thin golden lines smeared a beautiful golden shadow on the wall and make it even more elegant. Under the floating shelves is another floating board that completes the set in a wonderful setting.

Lanky Shelves
In this thin and lanky floating shelves, not only the books and accessories are placed on the shelves but also a TV screen. The space in the middle looks perfect and the entertainment unit brings in the best thing that a modern and minimalist room can hope for.

Wall Mounted
Putting a light looking shelves beside the fire place look so great and just in place. Putting the wooden one puts warmth to the room. Mounted on the wall, this one here looks even lighter and simpler.

TV Box
This one here puts even more complete features with wooden box in the middle of the black metal shelves. The lanky and thin lines balance the wooden boxes. One of the box is used for TV screen while the other can be used for anything else.

Stair Line
Besides living room, thin shelves can look amazing on the wall near the stairs. This one here is shaped following the path of the stairs. The thin wooden shelves brings warmth and modern look in one setting.

On the Window
Similar to the previous one, the shelves here make an interesting shape resemble a stair with upside down angle. Mounted on the ceiling near the window, the shelves look even more interesting it gives a fresh vibe.

Stairs on the Wall
Similar to the previous one, the wooden shelves look like an upside down stairs but with some free space on the middle. This space is a perfect space to put sofa and the space looks balanced and amazing with its minimalist look.

Curvy Floating
This is another floating shelves that look really good in a living room. The curvy and clean lines are amazing and calming. In a modern and minimalist room, this is perfect.

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