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bathroom with white wall, white toilet, white wooden framed mirror, turquoise cabinet Houzz

Tiny Bahtroom With White Small Square Sink, Retractble Mirror, Big Glass Window, Brown Wooden Shelves On The Right
Bahtroom With Brown Tile Floorin, White Wall, White Toilet, Turquoise Cabinet With Brown Top And White Sink, Silver Sconces On Top Of The Mirror
Bathroom With White Wall, White Sink, White Framed Mirror, Brown Wooden Shelves In Right And Left, Two Pendant Lamps
Bathroom With White Toilet, White Cabinet On Top Of It, White Sink, Grey Tiles Tub Area
Bathroom With White Wall, White Toilet, White Wooden Framed Mirror, Turquoise Cabinet
Bathroom With White Wall, White Toilet, White Shelves And White Cabinet Surrounded The Toilet From The Top
Bahtoom With Blue Tiles Half Bottom, White Wall Half Top, Built In Cabinet
Bathroom With White Toilet, Black Tiles Flooring, Black Marble With White Tub, Shower Area With Glass Door, White Cabinet Under The Sink, And Top Of The Tub
Bathroom With White Shower Bathtub Area, Blue Wall, White Wooden Cabinet
Bathroom With White Wall, White Tub, White Flooring, Brown Wooden Shelves On The Left

One the challenges on small space room is on how the storage would be. Because, the smaller the room, the more calculation we have to do on putting stuffs on it. Let alone the storage space, even the toilet and the shower room need to be really ergonomic so that it can still feel not too crowded. However, there are things you can do on attempting enough bathroom storage for all your bathroom utilities, like putting your storage cabinet in the right way without making it looks clattered and dirty. Here are some of ideas on how you can do it.

Built-In Cabinet

When you have small space, you don’t want to add too many furniture inside. And a built in cabinet might be the best thing you can do because you can have the storage without decreasing your space.

Cabinet around the Toilet

This is another why of arranging your cabinet. With this, you can make sure that you only use not so much space in your bathroom. Especially when you have the cabinet built-in. And by having your storage climb up the shelves like this, you make sure you have much more storage.

White Cabinet on Top

Here is another idea on putting your cabinet on top of your toilet. Under the cabinet is a long shelf where you can put soap, brushes and other utilities. And sure, this one is also built parallel with the shower wall area.

Bright Turquoise Cabinet

Here is another way to put your cabinet. It is the common way to put your cabinet: under the sink. Besides covering the sink parts, it also gives a bright accent on the bathroom, as well as being a place for your storage.

Cabinet Plus

This turquoise cabinet is really pretty with only half of the bottom of the sink is covered. This makes the sink looks unique. And to complement the small cabinet, there is an added cabinet on top of the toilet.

Top and Bottom

Almost the same with the previous idea, the bathroom have the storage in the cabinets and they are placed under the sink and on the wall. And instead putting it on top of the toilet, the cabinet is placed on top of the tub.

Built In Shelves

Besides built-in cabinet, built-in shelves is also a good idea on storage in small room. It doesn’t take space and it is still useful just like other shelves.

Hiding Wooden Shelves

This one is also another built in shelves that have more depth rather than width. But nevertheless, it brings you the same function. It is only the preference.

Flanked by Shelves

If you prefer something more open, you might like to have shelves better than cabinet. Here is a good idea on putting your shelves. Just like the one with cabinets surrounding toilet, this one is shelves on left and right of the mirror. It also functions as decoration to the mirror.

High Shelves on the Right

This is a really tiny bathroom where the toilet and the shelves are only inches. The window gives more view to give the larger illusion. And for this kind of bathroom, shelves like this probably one of the best choice. It is not something as heave as cabinet and when it is empty, the room will be roomier.

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