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white table mounted on the wall, wooden stools, white pendant, wooden floor, silver cabinet Apartement Therapy

Golden Floating Table, Golden Sconces, Round Wooden Stools, White Wall
Black Floating Table, Black Stools, White Wall, White Floor, White Cabinet
White Marble Mounted Table, White Wall, Wooden Stools With Black Metal, Black And White Patterned Floor Tiles
White Island Table, Wooden Stool With Green Metal Support, Wooden Floor, White Wall
Wooden Floating Mounted Table Wth Blue Lines, Wooden Shelves, Pink Stools
Copper Floating Mounted Table, Copper Pendant, Rattan Stool, White Cushion, Grey Wall
Pink Mounted Floating Table, Black Metal Chair With Pink Cushion, Pink Wall, Wooden Wall Pattern Floor Look
White Table Mounted On The Wall, Wooden Stools, White Pendant, Wooden Floor, Silver Cabinet
Wooden Hal Round Table, Wooden Chairs With Metal Support, White Wall, Mirror
Wooden Floating Island, Black Metal Stools, Golden Pendant, White Cabinet, White Subway Wall Tiles, Grey Floor

Small space is always a challenge. However, it can be a fun challenge when you know you can overcome it successfully. These ones here are ten pretty tiny spots to dine in the house perfect for you who have small space in the kitchen that you almost cannot save another for dining set. As the usual dining set (usually a sturdy table surrounded by chairs) might not be perfect for a small space, your space will be able to afford these dining set mounted on or positioned near the wall. This way, you would be able to use the spare space to make the room not so crowded.

Wooden Part
Although this dining model is not the usual one, this one can be a pretty sight in a small space. With its wooden half round table, this table is interesting and unique in its own way. The matching wooden chairs enhances the natural force it has. Adding mirror on the wall can be a great thing to do in your small space too.

Pink Touch
This one here uses soft pink color to brighten a small and crowded space. With also pink floating mounted table, the wall looks clean but still with sweet look. The black metal chairs matches the combination with pink cushion.

Golden Couple
This one here is a great inspiration with golden thin boards for floating mounted table. A golden sconce makes these both a nice and pretty pair. To make it more comfortable for dining, the boards can be larger than this.

Copper Coat
Similar with the golden one, this one also puts a metallic look in the room and make the room feels more fun and brighter. The rattan stools look stood out in the contrast of the combination.

Blue Line
With the similar wooden setting on the table just like one of the previous, this one has natural feeling around it. Added with blue lines on the side and on the pendant, the table looks interesting. Pink stools that accompanied the table looks fresh and a great match.

Floating Island
This one here puts a rather different approach on the small space challenge. This one puts the dining problem on the floating island. The dark wooden table is a neutral touch in the black and white kitchen.

Black Set
This one puts black in the spotlight with white canvas all over the room. The black floating table looks thin and light but still can be the strong pull in the room.

Contrast Fun
This one also puts an interesting island table as the dining spot. The small and bright white table blends well with the surrounding while the wooden stools with green metal stools make interesting contrast.

Tall Table
Similar to the previous one, this one here puts a tall and slim island mounted on the wall. Completed with matching tall and lanky tools, the set brings a light and fresh look to the small space.

Simple Black and White
Adding luxurious touch might be difficult for dining table like this. But, this one can bring it in the marble table and wall. The glass sconce looks small yet brilliant.

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