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tiny house, wooden floor, white wooden plank wall, bed on the back with low ceiling, living room above, low stairs, kitchen, floating dining table with large glass window Instagram - Tiny Society

Tiny House, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, Glass Window, Wooden Folding Table, Wooden Stool, Black Leather Chair, Pendant Lamp
Tiny Houses, Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Black Sofa, Bedroom On Upper Level, Wooden Fence
Tiny House, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Subway Backsplash, Floating Shelves, White Wooden Stair, Bedroom Upstairs, Bathroom At The End, Glass Ceiling
Tiny House, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, Glass Ceiling Window, Vertical Stair, Bedroom Upstairs, Black Sofa, Kitchen Under Bed, Black Pendant
Tiny House, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Kitchen At The Back, Dining Table, Black Sofa, Bed Upstairs, Corner Stairs Without Rail
Tiny House, Dark Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Wooden Shelves Fence, Wooden Shelves On The Kitchen
Tiny House, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall And Ceiling, Dark Wooden Floor, White Dinign Set, White Sofa, Sliding Door, Bedroom Upstair, Melted Glass Pendant
Tiny House, White Rug, White Sofa, Wooden Wall, Bed On Top Ceiling, Kitchen With Wooden Surface, Black Vertical Stairs, White Round Table, Black Cabinet, Glass Window, Glass Door
Tiny House, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Plank Wall, Bed On The Back With Low Ceiling, Living Room Above, Low Stairs, Kitchen, Floating Dining Table With Large Glass Window
Tiny House, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Fan Ceiling Lamp, White Kitchen Cabinet With Wooden Top, Wooden Upper Level With Wooden Board

Sometimes, we can feel so full of our life that we need to get some time alone. If you want to get some gateway, you can prepare to manage your living arrangement in your quiet time. And this can be done by preparing tiny house placed in more secluded area. You will want to make sure that your living arrangement is enough for your daily need. If you’re thinking of looking for this tiny house, or looking for inspiration for your small space, these tiny houses below will help you.

Simple House
If you’re looking for something simple and practical, you might want to look for something like this below. The white wall and cabinet makes sure you save your space in sight. The long kitchen top assure you to be able to cook comfortable. The glass windows allow you to have a better view and build ambiance.

Comfortable Living Room
If you are the kind of person who love to enjoy reading or talking to your dearest ones, you would love a tiny house with comfortable living room like this one here. The sofa is positioned along the wall with sliding door in front of it that enables anyone to enjoy the outside view calmly.

Rustic House
For those who love rustic look, this one here might be your favorite. The accent wall with white stone on the end of the room gives rustic texture to the room. And the practical and save-spacing foldable table looks both rough and minimalist at the same time.

Completed House
This one is for you who like to make sure that everything is comfortable. The living area is comfortable and the kitchen is enough to prepare food. And above all, the ceiling is so beautiful with glass vaulted ceiling in the middle and the living room has glass door in front to enables you to enjoy the surrounding. To make sure the space is enough, the stairs are positioned 90 degree.

Cornered Stairs
This one here shows a practical and pretty setting with kitchen on the back, bathroom on the side of the kitchen, and the front is the place for the floating table (either for dining or study) and living area. It also has an interesting model of stairs that are beautifully attached to the corner. Then above the kitchen is the board for bed.

Compact House
While usually tiny house has bed on the upper level, this one here puts it on the bottom level and puts some living area with shelves on the upper level. Similarly, the kitchen is positioned along the wall on one side.

Three Sections
This one here presents a tiny house with three sections inside with living room in the middle and kitchen, one of the upper level is study, and the other is probably a bedroom. This setting can be done to your tiny house as well.

Minimalist House
This one here shows a beautiful tiny house with wooden surface on the wall including on the kitchen back there, neutral grey sofa, floor, rug, and coffee table. This neutral setting is strengthened with black lines on the window, cabinet, and stairs.

Tall and Long
Having an airy tiny house will be a great thing to happen. This one here shows a long room with tidy setting of kitchen along the wall and sofa and floating dining table on the back with large glass window. The board upstairs can be a great place to enjoy the view or a place to sleep.

Summer House
This one here is perfect for those who love bohemian or natural feeling. This tiny house allows you to have bed with low ceiling for the airy living room above, wooden shelves for kitchenette and floating table to dine on the other side. With glass windows opened like this one, the room looks bright and larger.

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