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black toilet built in the grey tiles wall, with flush button, small spray pipe Cozy Decoration

White Floating Toilet With Lid, Cistern Built In The White Wall, A Small Shower Pipe
Pink Toilet With Faux Fur Cover On The Lid In A White Bathroom
Black Toilet Built In The Grey Tiles Wall, With Flush Button, Small Spray Pipe
Toilet With White Seat, Gold Flecks On The Bidet
Toilet With White Bowl, Wooden Square Shaped Bidet, White Cistern Far Above The Toilet, Metal Pipe, Hanging Flush Switch
White Toilet With Sloping Part Of Theback Of The Seat
Toilet With Cast Metal Cistern, Cistern Brackets, Flushpipe, Oval Seat In Either Oak Or Mahogany And A 'Venerable' Wc Pan
Toilet With Flower Painted White Seat, Black Bidet, With No Lid, Silver Metal Cistern, Hanging Flush Push
Toilet With Yellow Bowl, White Seat, Yellow Cistern On The Bacl
Toilet With Round White Bowl, Brown Wooden Lid, Hidden Cistern, Flush Push Button

Toilet has been one of the most important thing in the bathroom. It helps us release our biological need and sometimes, it gives us time and relaxation to think of a great idea too. That’s why choosing toilet is also an important thing to do especially if you really are a detailed person. These beautiful ideas below might help you decide what kind of toilet you will want for your home.


Antique Toilet

This one here is even though it seems like it has the same shape as the common toilet, this one has more great details on the design like the wooden bidet, the red metal cistern that brings oldies feeling, the golden metal pipe that completes the look. This is perfect for you who love beautiful oldies furniture.


Flower Painted 

This beautiful one is actually really simple with white seat toilet and dark bidet without even a lid. However, the paintings of flower on the seat has change the game in a great deal. Not to mention the metal cistern far above the toilet and the hanging flush handle that gives an entirely different experience compare to the common one.


Slim and Quite Square Cover

This one is similar to the previous one but it has an interesting lid. The interesting thing is that the lid is wooden and it has quite interesting shape.


Gold Flecks 

If you have owned your toilet and you want to change the scene, the easiest way is probably changing the bidet to more exciting patterned and colored one. Like this one here in the picture, you can see the usual white toilet turn into a glam one.




Yellow Toilet

Toilet can also be fun. Look at this yellow toilet below! This one is in usual shape but with yellow color on the bowl and cistern, it creates a cheerful note to this bathroom. Not to mention the matching yellow sink in front of it.


Cover the Lid

Another thing to do to make your toilet looks different is by putting cover to the lid. It is also one among the easiest thing to do to change the scene. In this picture below, the pink toilet lid is covered by faux fur cover. Even though the color is the same, this cover adds more texture to the toilet, thus, to the bathroom.


Built-In Cistern

In this toilet, you can see the floating white toilet is so tidily arranged it only shows the bowls and the small spray. With this kind of arrangements, you will get a really tidy bathroom, especially with the kind of setting in this picture have.


Round Floating Toilet

Similar to the hidden cistern before, this one only has flush button at the back of the toilet. The interesting part of this toilet is the shape of round bowl that is almost like a real bowl.


Deep Black

If you love dark deep color, black is a perfect solution to your preference. Having black toilet will make your bathroom feels more mysterious. In this toilet, it’s hidden well in the built in cistern that the flush button and spray is the only visible help.


Sloping Seat

There are so many article that explain about the best position for your legs when you sit on the toilet. They say it’s best for your legs to create 45⁰ from the knee. If you’re one of those person who love to be helped in gaining the healthiest position when you sit on toilet, this toilet is designed for you. The sloping side is designed prettily that it will help you acquire the healthiest position while maintaining the beauty of the bathroom.

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