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bathroom, white tiles, light green wall wainscoting, chandelier, white tub, green cabinet, make up table Town & Country

Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Brown Wall, White Tub With Clawfoot,
Vintage Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Light Wallpaper, White Wainscoting, White Tub Clawfoot, Black Round Curtain Rod
Bathroom, White Floor, Vaulted Ceiling, Wooden Beams, White Tub, Green Lounge Chair
Bathroom, White Tiles, Light Green Wall Wainscoting, Chandelier, White Tub, Green Cabinet, Make Up Table
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, Chandelier, White Tub Clawfoot, White Patterned Rug, White Chair, White Cabinet
Bathroom, Wooden Look Floor, White Wall, Wooden Vanity Table, Round Mirror, White Toilet, Stone Wall
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Brown Wall, White Tub With Clawfoot,
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, White Tub Clawfoot, White Cabinet, White Framed Window, White Chair
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Tub, White Wainscoting Wall, White Turfted Chair, Metal Round Side Table
Bathroom, White Floor, Vaulted Ceiling, Wooden Beams, White Tub, Green Lounge Chair

If you want a bathroom that can help you not only getting your body cleansed but also a place where you can get some calming time and refresh your body and mind too, you would love a great comfortable place to start. There are many themes you could get to support that. If you love details, you would love some traditional and vintage look. And you would love this compilation of vintage and traditional bathrooms which will get you inspirations to start your own or to just give you a happy feeling looking at these pictures.

Rustic and Simple
This vintage bathroom makes a pretty look with the curtain and vintage modern tub with clawfoot. The bathroom is also completed with pretty blue wallpaper and white wainscoting wall. \

Fresh Traditional Look
This bathroom makes a fresh ambiance with its bright and white notion in the room. The flowery pattern on the curtain, chair, and bench give a pretty detail to the natural white bathroom.Taking a bath in this bathroom would be a spectacular way to wake up.

Modern and Traditional
This bathroom gives a gorgeous look with the combination of traditional and modern feeling in one bright bathroom. The tufted chair and the tub gives a strong yet also simple touch to the room while the side table and the pictures make pretty touches.

Luxurious Vintage
For you who love elegant and luxurious look, a classic and graceful bathroom like this one below. The combination of elegant tub with clawfooot and chandelier in one vertical spot has brought the bathroom its grace.

Natural Accent
This bathroom is amazing with natural accent wall. The wooden beam in the shower area gives a nice rustic touch that gets along with the stone accent on the wall. The simple wooden vanity table completes the room with basic necessity.

Season 4 Wrap Up

Under the Vaulted Ceiling
This bathroom makes a really pretty look with its vaulted ceiling and the wooden beams on the ceiling and wall. The stone accent wall supports the natural look in this neutral white and grey bathroom.

Warm Farmhouse Modern
This bathroom looks so warm with its brown wall and the wooden floor. Chandelier above the clarfoot tub also brings out more classic and traditional look.

Simple Farmhouse
This bathroom has little note of farmhouse details with wainscoting and the clawfoot in the tub. The rattan basket and the floor make a warm and neutral look.

Soft Mint
This bathroom makes a really pretty look with its light green mint color on the entire wall, tub and the vanity cabinet. Added with make up table, chandelier, and details on the wainscoting, this bathroom has the finest look of vintage bathroom.

Vaulted Line
This is another bathroom with privilege. This pretty detail on the wall has made the bathroom looks special and interesting. The wooden beams on the wall line and ceiling make a nice detail.

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